To ‘Omaha’ and back: NFL Films expert helps Madden NFL improve presentation

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Madden 15 Colin KaepernickThis just in: football fans are a vocal bunch. They let EA Sports know they weren’t satisfied with Madden NFL 25’s presentation. EA went to the experts for help, hiring Emmy-winning NFL Films cinematographer Brian Murray. He stepped into a brand new position on the Madden team, designed to capture all the pageantry of America’s most popular sport. Among the changes we’ll see this year are more dialogue from the commentary team, (yes, thank goodness) team specific jumbotron celebrations and the return of a halftime show. Denver Broncos fans, you’ll even hear Peyton Manning’s now signature “Omaha” audible.

After E3 2014, people are coming away impressed with the little details. Take the ever present jumbotron screens as an example. In previous installments, they’d have the same camera angle as the game. Madden has asked all 32 teams for their authentic jumbotron presentations. They may not get all of them, but they will have a lot more footage than in past games. The giant screens in stadiums will show home team touchdowns, cue crowd chants such as “Defense!” and the Super Bowl screen will be neutral. Before it was programmed to only show highlights of what it considered the game’s home team. These are a bunch of little things, but collectively they add up to more realistic presence.

Now, about that repetitive commentary. Madden NFL 15 adding 80 new hours of dialogue between color guy Phil Simms and play-by-play man Jim Nantz. Much of it includes specific player names, so you feel like they’re discussing the game on the field in front of you. New camera angles are designed to work with that commentary. If they’re talking about Richard Sherman, the camera can actually cut to him the way it would in a real game.

Larry Ridley will handle pregame and halftime coverage.  He’ll be talking up the big matchups before the game and letting you know who is setting the league on fire during the halftime show. That show will include fantasy football information as well. Can fantasy leagues based on Madden stats be far behind?

Post-play animations have gotten an overhaul also. Before, there was a small amount of canned animations. In Madden NFL 15, players will react organically, whether  it’s elation or dejection. Then the game sends the camera based on what’s happening on the field.

We love the NFL not just because of how it plays, but how it looks and feels. Early buzz on Madden 15 is that it looks great, and captures some of the magic NFL Films is famous for. We’ll see the finished product August 26.

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