Tomorrow is GameStop’s Skylanders Day

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gamestop skylanders day
The Skylanders series of games are so popular, GameStop goes out of its way every year to hold a Skylanders Day to get people in the door to get special figures and deals. With Skylanders Trap Team coming later this year and even more Skylanders Swap Force characters still to be released, it’s an event worth attending. Especially since, this year, Power Up Rewards Members who’ve signed up for the Skylanders Adventure Club get additional deals.

This year’s GameStop Skylanders Day is June 21, 2014, and it’s the first chance to get one of the last Skylanders Swap Force characters, the $9.99 core figure, Wind Up. He’s a Tech Skylander, and there’s even more good news surrounding his launch. If you’re a Skylanders Adventure Club member and place a pre-order for Skylanders Trap Team during this event, you’ll get Wind Up free now, and Gearshift free when your new starter kit arrives in October. Basically, you’re commiting to buying the new game at $74.99 when it launches, but you’re getting the $9.99 Wind Up and $15.99, early release Gearshift free.

Since this is a store event it also means lots of Skylander sales. There’s a buy one, get one free event on Skylanders Swap Force figures. It only includes the Swap Force and core figures, not Lightcore characters. The starter kits for Skylanders Swap Force are also on sale, with the basic set being $32.50 and the GameStop-exclusive Dark Edition starter kit going for $49.99. Some accessories are also 50% off, in case you want an official storage case instead of just a bag or backpack from Goodwill or Salvation Army for $1.

Honestly, Skylanders Day could be a good catch-up event. Most of the Skylanders Swap Force figures are out now. Grab the ones you want, and maybe missed, or even the game if you didn’t get it when it was cheap before. The $32.50 standard edition will be fine. Enjoy it, and prepare for Trap Team this weekend!

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  • Alex Feulner

    Gearshift isn’t free. It says right in the ad from Gamestop that it is a $15.99 pre-order. It only states wind-up is free. Also, wind-up has been out for months in the sheep wreck island adventure pack. This is only a deal if you didn’t already get that.

    • Jenni Lada

      Activision has already stated that Gearshift comes free with all pre-orders of Skylanders Trap Team. The $15.99 is there to show to show the value.

      Also, this is the first time you can get Wind Up outside of the adventure pack.

  • Alex Feulner

    I would like to see where activision stated this. I personally pre-ordered Gear Shift at Gamestop. Just the figure, not the whole game. If you go to their website you can pre-order the game for $74.99 or you can pre-order gear shift for $15.99. They are two separate things. If it was free with all pre-orders than why would it be a pre-order by itself? I have seen it for pre-order at Target, Toys R Us and Best Buy as well. Prices range from $14.99 to $16.99 depending on the store. It is not stated anywhere that it is free with game pre-order. It is $15.99 at Gamestop just as the ad above says. It is very clear that only wind up is free. I have seen no mention of it being free with any game pre-order other than in the article you linked to. I would love for that to be true but it makes no sense that stores would be selling it as a pre-order itself if it game with the game pre-order. They also would advertise if that was the case.