Marvel Heroes 2015 is live and giving out birthday cake

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silver surferRemember when good games featuring superheroes were as rare as believably drawn comic book characters? Now, we have an embarrassment of riches including the Arkham Asylum games and Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Gazillion’s action RPG Marvel Heroes has reached the one-year mark, and is giving out in-game cake to celebrate. Birthday cake is now a loot drop. If you’re able to track down 365 slices of cake, your reward will be a special first birthday cake with a loot explosion inside. Unless you’ve got Wolverine’s healing power, cavities may be a side effect of this reward.

Sugary sweets are important, but there’s far more goodness. This anniversary update is so big Gazillion is calling it Marvel Heroes 2015, because designers think it feels like a whole new game. It includes a new endgame raid for 10 players against Surtur, lord of the fire demons as well as daily shared quests and login rewards for loyal players. There’s going to be a special celebration at the end of June as well.

You just knew another hero was going to come out and play in celebration of this good news. Sure enough, the Silver Surfer has entered the fray. Norrin Radd offered his services to Galactus, a being that devours worlds, to spare the planet of Zenn-La. The Surfer had a crisis of conscience that left him at odds with his cosmic master. Galactus banished the Silver Surfer to Earth, where his career as a hero began in earnest. Since then he has battled against foes including Thanos, Doctor Doom and the Skrull Empire.

Marvel Heroes is free-to-play and currently boasts a diverse lineup including the likes of Iron Man, Captain America and even the mighty Squirrel Girl. Depending on who your favorite hero is, you may want to spend cash to unlock them. But all heroes can be purchased with currency earned in game if you’re patient.

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