E3 2014 Preview: I Sucked at Super Smash Bros.

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super smash bros e3 2014
I like to think I’ve accumulated a vast repository of skills when it comes to certain games. Especially in the case of Smash Bros., a series where I’ve played every single installment. Then something like improvised, show-floor tournaments of Super Smash Bros. happen at E3 2014 and all those preconceived notions just melt away. I went from being a 31 year old woman who thought she was at least good enough to hold her own in a match to one who repeatedly came in last. It was sobering.

I’d like to chalk most of it up to my choosing to play as new Super Smash Bros competitors, rather than returning favorites. I wanted to get the feel of characters like Mega Man and Rosalina, rather than go with people I knew. Which, as I soon learned, was probably the worst idea ever. An E3 demo isn’t conducive to on-the-fly education. Especially since my first two matches were on the general show floor, against more learned, people who behaved as though Smash Bros was a lifestyle. People who were also aware that the winner of each match would get a token that could be redeemed for a free Super Smash Bros shirt.

Simply put, I was no match for people who had both swag and stars in their eyes.

3ds super smash bros e3 2014Even when I went with the tried and true Pit, I found myself faltering. These people knew what they were doing and were going to exploit every opportunity so they could go home with a shirt. I didn’t stand a chance.

However, I did learn somethings about Mega Man and Rosalina. Mega Man feels like a character for a more advanced player. Despite the inclusion of his blaster and many boss powers, he felt more like a melee fighter. A person who uses him will have to know exactly what button presses result in each move, to anticipate opponents’ every attack.

Rosalina, on the other hand, felt more forgiving. It’s true that players are really focusing on both her and her Luma, like Carl and Ada in BlazBlue, but keeping track of both characters at once didn’t feel demanding. I’d almost say it felt natural. She has a lot of solid attacks which allow players to keep their distance from opponents, if they’d like. It seems like she’d be a great starter character for a beginner, and one that would grow with them thanks to her impressive repertoire of moves.

Later, in a more private Nintendo demo session, I was able to face off against Ben. I still got my butt whooped, because apparently he’s better than me, but at least it provided a better learning environment. It’s there that I learned the Animal Crossing Villager will be my favorite Super Smash Bros character. He’s amazing. He has such a wide range of attacks, for both short and long range assaults. He can take to the sky momentarily like Balloon Kid. I fell in love, and this is a relationship that will last.

Super Smash Bros will be on the 3DS on October 3, 2014. Wii U owners will see it sometime during the 2014 holiday season. I recommend playing lots of Super Smash Bros Brawl in the meantime.

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