Dragon Age: Inquisition is Less Awkward, More Romantic

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Anyone who has romanced characters in Dragon Age knows that the build-up is an awkward mesh of giving the correct gifts and doing a side-quest for a character, allowing you to finally “make it” with them. The act itself often looks very robotic, like mashing together people who can only bend at the elbows and knees. While the actual act is a difficult to master, the romancing is in no way realistic to how humans really interact (unless you’re a gold digger). Which is why there’s going to be a little more nuance in Dragon Age: Inquisition when trying to get with your favorite character.

In an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, producer Cameron Lee, has promised the romancing system will be more complex. Character banter has been a fun part of the Dragon Age series, but you can now interject your comments into the banter. Inquisition romancing will be more about how you interact with your love interest, as well as achieve your goals your lover reacts to that. Different characters will have different preferences (other than sexual orientation).

Also, according to Lee, the romance doesn’t have to be one long arc. For any of you who played Origins and tried to romance Alistair, that was an entire game in and of itself. It’s nice to hear that everyone won’t be such a prude, but then again his innocence was part of his charm… and it made me purchase all of the DLC in order to finally get him to give me that rose. Clever move BioWare.

Source [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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