Grand Theft Auto V heist details reportedly leaked

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GTA-V-big-1The online community for Grand Theft Auto V has been not so patiently waiting for heists to debut. YouTube user DomIsLive broke the news about the I’m Not A Hipster update, and he’s back at it with details about heists. We’re still calling this a rumor until official Rockstar confirmation, but Dom’s been right about everything before.

Prison Van Rescue – In this mode, crooks intercept an NPC-driven van to free a gang member and drive him home. Sixteen cops and sixteen criminals can join. This is available at rank 5 and triggered by phone.

Drop Off Hooker – Pick up a prostitute and drop her off within the time limit. Sounds a lot a mission type in Saints Row.

Funeral – Escort a gang lieutenant’s hearse through town. Rivals will of course be trying to destroy the hearse. This mission will trigger after the Escort Crook Boss if the boss gets killed. Funeral home coordinates are 410, – 1485.

Territory Takeover – Players can fight to take over territory, which makes you moola. First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women.

Fight Gangmate – The player gets “jumped in” to a gang as the lieutenant orders two teammates to fight.

Cop Territory – Cops have to take over territory without an option to turn down the mission.

Ornate Bank Heist – Criminals will need to get behind the bank counter of the bank, hack the vault, steal cash and drop it off. Sixteen cops and four criminals can join this mission.

FIB Grab – This is a big one. Abseil down the FIB tower, break in, download data and escape. Four crew, three abseilers, one driver, sixteen cops and four criminals can partake in this mission. All four ride a helicopter to the roof, three abseil down the tower, break through a window and hack the terminal. The driver will have to ditch the chopper and “acquire” a getaway car, which the remaining players will skydive to. Cops join once crooks escape the office. There are also two waves of AI agents that enter the office while criminals are hacking.

These all sound great, hopefully they’ll enterGrand Theft Auto V really soon.

Site [DomIsLive]

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