Metal Gear Solid Needs To Lose All The Cutscenes

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Konami is aware that most fans have a profound dislike for the lengthy and convoluted cutscenes of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. So, did they ask Kojima to tighten it up, maybe stick with audio logs and environmental storytelling? No! They hired a bunch of directors to tell gamers how dumb they are for not enjoying Kojima’s masterful storytelling! Because that will make us all okay with however many cutscenes Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will have jammed into it.

Seriously, they have quotes from everyone from Guillermo Del Toro to respected cult filmmaker Shinya Tsukamoto to Norman Reedus, for some reason. These are text bits posted on the site, and they’re almost ridiculous in how hyperbolic they are. “Metal Gear Solid‘s cutscenes will make you a different person.” No, seriously, somebody says that: Admittedly, it’s Tsukamoto, who is lovably insane, but still. Never have so many acclaimed individuals embarrassed themselves so thoroughly.

It has the smell of being defensive and truthfully it’s hard to blame Konami for trying. Kojima is pretty much their AAA console meal ticket, and Metal Gear Solid is their sole enormously popular franchise; it dwarfs Castlevania and even their popular soccer games. The company is largely in business, at this point, because it does very well in the mobile market, and honestly, it’s not entirely unlikely that Konami will be a mobile-only studio within a decade, the trend for many Japanese developers.

But, until then, Kojima isn’t just their best developer, he’s their star and the face of the company. The urge to just give him what he wants and hope he doesn’t embarrass anyone too much actually makes practical sense. But paying celebrities to gush over him seems just a little excessive, even if it is tucked away in a corner of the website. Let Kojima take his razzing, Konami. It’s not like we’re not all going to be playing the game anyway.

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  • Ryan McNair

    Who wrote this crap? Another COD fanboy? Does he know Kojima pretty much invented video game story telling? If you don’t like this style of game……DONT PLAY IT! And leave it for the people who love crazy Japenese storytelling. This isn’t a game made for westerners, he’s had so much pressure to change what he does to
    Suit little cry baby’s like you who can’t enjoy a game unless they can leave their brain at the door, look down a scope and yell “Noob”

  • Robotech_Master

    I can’t help feeling like if you’re buying the fifth frickin’ game in the series, you kind of have to expect there ARE going to be mondo cut scenes. If you don’t want cut scenes, why on Earth would you buy a game with “Metal Gear Solid” in the title?

  • FinlandjinM

    The cutscenes in MGS1 were the early experiments of how to deliver story through gameplay and cutscenes. Even Liquid questions The Player in the end why they continued to follow orders when everyone from your superiors betray You, in a cutscene.

    The cutscenes in MGS2 serve the purpose to annoy Raiden (and in extension The Player) because Raiden is You (a nerd wanting to “be” Solid Snake in his glorious badassery) and MGS2 is a parody of MGS1. The cutscenes aren’t necessarily pretty to look at but they and the gameplay get the point across: You should step out of the shadow of Solid Snake and pick a new name (like Raiden does [to the worse if you consider MGS4 canon or not, I really don’t]), learn to forget about canon and love subtext, and to remember that by playing You are only pretending to be someone You really aren’t.

    The cutscenes in MGS3 are ton of fun to watch, at least 90% of them is anyway. The cutscenes and gameplay show how Big Boss started to lean towards the dark side during the mission and by the end of the game he is bitter and sad, maybe even The Player feels the same way for letting a noble hero like The Boss die.

    Then come the cutscenes from MGS4 which are the worst. To make them so lengthy is a deliberate choice by Kojima since he was bombarded by death threats at the time, so he would make them as lengthy as possible since the “fans” (who didn’t understand the subtext of MGS2 like I mentioned) would buy anything because of the title alone. Solid Snake is old and left to die in the end, and that’s what Kojima wanted for the franchise to happen, too, if there isn’t anyone to carry out the place of the director (to carry Kojima’s memes to the future).

    Then came MGSV:GZ and I was pleased with the new direction the cutscenes are taking. Sure, there are these lengthy cutscenes before and after the mission but any cutscenes during the mission are really brief (to MGS standards at least!) not keeping you long from playing the game. And this time we’re playing as the more interesting character Big Boss fillin the gap between Peace Walker and The Phantom Pain. The reason the game exists is questionable to say the least (expensive, paid beta version of TPP) but as long as they can use the data to polish TPP, I’m happy. (The next time when people do this kind of shit the game should be free or $5-$10 tops!)