31 Free Android Apps on Amazon Until Saturday Night

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free android app adventure time card warsI hope you haven’t spent a lot of money on Android apps and games lately, because if you did, you could be experiencing buyer’s remorse in 3… 2… 1. Amazon is doing one of their major free Android app giveaways. That means 31 different games and programs that would usually cost you money are now free. How much money? Oh, about $100.

Unfortunately, all of the free Android apps on Amazon aren’t games. Only 16 are. Still, that’s about half, and these are some great titles in the mix. Here are all the ones gamers will definitely be interested in snagging.

Now, given that all of these free Android apps are limited, shiny, and not junk, you should really grab all of them. But, if for some reason you only want to claim one or two, then Adventure Time: Card Wars and Dungeon Village should be the games you get. I’ve played both and they’re just fantastic.

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