I Hate How the Mighty No 9 Animated Series’ Trailer Looks

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mighty no 9 animated series
As a big fan of Keiji Inafune and the original Mega Man games, I was super excited about Mighty No 9‘s success on Kickstarter. Who wouldn’t be, when the result would be a return to the run-and-gun genre we’ve loved before? Let’s get it made, and the sooner, the better. Yet, now that Comcept has revealed that Digital Frontier is working on a CG-animated, Mighty No 9 series, I suddenly find myself a lot less excited.

I know the Mighty No 9 story would make for a decent series. One robot with a human heart, heading out to save the world from his kin that have been infected by a virus. It has so much potential. But the second I saw Digital Frontier’s preview trailer, I wanted to opt out. Have you seen it? Watch.

I know it’s a little early to start showing favoritism and saying “This Beck is my Beck, and that one isn’t.” Yet, that’s exactly how I’m feeling. I love how Beck looks in the promotional image for the Mighty No 9 animated series at the top of this article. I loved how Beck looked in the GDC 2014 footage. He just doesn’t look right in Digital Frontier’s animated teaser. I’d even go so far as to say I hate it.

mighty no. 9
I suppose it’s just because I’m enraptured with Comcept’s original, 2D character designs for Beck. The design just seemed to call to me, and the 3D model doesn’t capture the same feeling somehow, even though it looks practically identical. I can’t help wanting the 2016 animated series to look more like that, then going with the full 3D look.

The Mighty No 9 animated series is still in development, so I shouldn’t be too harsh. Who knows what path Digital Frontier will take for the final product, and what influence Comcept will have. I just can’t help but hope the final project is more 2D than 3D CG.

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