I Guess Valve Steam Machines will be at Gamescom 2014

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valve steam machine
Ready for something not-entirely unexpected? It seems Valve Steam Machines will be at Gamescom 2014. I know, you’re not especially shocked. It is to be expected. There wasn’t a big to-do about the Valve Steam Machines and controller at E3 2014, what with the launch delay until 2015 announced in May 2014, Gamescom would be a good time for an update on our next living room resident.

Especially since a Gamescom debut of new Valve Steam Machine and controller designs would afford the system more attention. They would have been buried under PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U announcements at E3. But at the August 13-17, 2014 Gamescom, the system and controller will shine.

It is important to note that Valve itself hasn’t made any Gamescom 2014 announcements yet. This revelation has come to light via the Gamescom website. Valve has commited to a booth at the event and has stated that it will be showing PCs and controllers. Which naturally means Steam Machines and controllers.

I must admit that I’m a bit excited to see the Valve Steam Machines and controllers again. It’s been a while since there’ve been any major announcements, and the Gamescom appearance could provide a peek at the finalized designs.

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