Humble 2K Bundle can include all the BioShocks

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BioShock Infinite tax refunds
Sorry people, but this indie game bundle announcement is too good to wait until GamerTell’s weekly update. There’s a new Humble Bundle, and odds are everyone’s going to be interested in something in the Humble 2K Bundle. Which actually isn’t all that humble, seeing as how it can contain anywhere from three to eight amazing, AAA games.

Here’s the deal this time. Pay whatever you want to get BioShock (Windows), The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (Windows, Mac), and The Darkness II (Windows, Mac). If you pay over the average, you get BioShock II (Windows), Mafia II (Windows), Spec Ops: The Line (Windows, Mac), and more games once the second week of the bundle rolls around too. Kick in over $20, and BioShock Infinite (Windows, Mac) and XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Windows, Mac, Linux) round out your Humble 2K Bundle.

To give you an idea of how crazy this deal is, BioShock Infinite alone will normally cost you $29.99. Pay $20 here, set it so the American Red Cross and Action Against Hunger get all the money, and you’ll get it and 7 other games. You can’t beat that. At the very least, buy the Humble 2K Bundle for just over the average, but I’d really recommend everyone pay $20 to get the full package.

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