New Titanfall DLC sends players to Frontier’s Edge

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Titanfall_Gameplay_ThumbnailRespawn Entertainment has some new Titanfall content coming our way.  The Frontier’s Edge pack includes three new maps set in the furthest reaches of space. Dig Site is a mining outpost, Haven is an exclusive beach resort and Export is a mining hub on the side of a mountain. This is the second DLC pack for the sci-fi themed shooter. Each one is $9.99 separately, the season pass is $24.99 and offers all three DLCs.

Titanfall is the first project from Respawn Entertainment, a studio founded by the creators of the Call of Duty series. It features a conflict between the Interstellar Mining Corporation and a militia resisting their control of the resources in outer space. The resolution of this dispute includes 25 foot robots called Titans, which makes it basically the most exciting mining rights hearing in history.

Shooters including the aforementioned Call of Duty include killstreaks, which promise rewards such as guard dogs for getting lots of kills. In Titanfall, the big prize is a Titan and every player will get at least one during the course of a match. This way, even a player who isn’t doing so well gets a few seconds to feel powerful.

Titanfallrecently got a huge update including rotating featured game modes, burn cards for Titan robots and a slew of patches and fixes. It’s available on the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.


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