Alien: Isolation: SEGA has learned nothing from Colonial Marines

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Alien: Isolation DLC
Wednesday brought Alien fans some pretty cool news. October’s Alien: Isolation is gonna have two movie-themed DLC scenarios. They’ll bring back the cast of the 1979 movie in some form (dead, soon-to-be-dead, Ripley) or another. These missions will actually be recreations of big scenes from the movie, and the entire cast (most notably, of course, Sigourney Weaver) are even around to do voice work.

It should come to nobody’s surprise, in this sick, hateful world we live in, that both DLC missions are pre-order bonuses. Pre-ordering the game gives you the Crew Expendable mission, which lets you play as one of several members of the crew. To get the Last Survivor mission, in which you play the climax of the film, you have to pre-order at GameStop. Yes, in Alien: Isolation, you get to live one of the greatest movie moments in history. And yes, in order to experience what could be the best part of the whole game, you have to give into toxic, retail-exclusive crap.

Remember Aliens: Colonial Marines ? Of course you do. Half the reason that game was so controversial, other than being terrible, was how ingrained into pre-order culture it was. The hands-off previews pulled the wool over the eyes of the press. Retail exclusives, pre-order bonuses and special editions were shoved in everyone’s faces. And, of course, review embargoes prevented consumers, the people with actual money at stake, from making informed purchases. SEGA told you all to buy the game before it even physically existed, and never gave you a legitimate reason to because it knew it was garbage.

Alien: Isolation GameStop DLC

We’ve been promised that this time will be different, that this time the game will be good. But what do we have to prove that? A bunch of scripted E3 demos? More exclusive pre-order malarkey? It’s the same song and dance all over again, but this time Alien: Isolation threatens to actively poop all over the legacy of a film that can hold its own on best-of-all-time lists. SEGA should be groveling at customers’ feet, begging them for their hard-earned dollars, for another chance. Instead, it is doing the same thing all over again, showing that the men in suits learned nothing from its failed venture with Gearbox.

There’s plenty of writing out there about how pre-ordering is bad, about how giving money to publishers before their product is even out takes power from your hands and slides it right into the wallets of hubristic studio executives. We need to let them know that we want content like this, but we don’t want it like this. I’m sure it’ll eventually make it to your marketplace of choice sometime after launch. Heck, if it turns out to be good, there will undoubtedly be a package deal sometime in the future. Maybe wait for that?

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  • Pitchfordisscum

    This article reeks of ignorance. Colonial Marines wasn’t as horrible as everyone made it out to be. I liked it, but I am tired of repeatedly giving MY opinion in detail, explaining why I liked it, only to be called an idiot, with ZERO constructive, respective conversation. Judging by the tone of your whining, you’ll be no different. Gamers in general disgust me with their disrespect & ignorance.

    Now, I do not think the game is perfect, but its positives are things that have NEVER been done in previous AvP turds, turds which didn’t even bother to try to do.

    Not only do you blame Sega for everything, but you do not mention ANY of the problems caused by Gearbox. They embezzled funding. They kept getting delay after delay, but instead of working on it, used the extra funding for their trash games like Duke Nukem & Borderlands. The latter is mindless trash no different from Michael Bay, or Jason Friedberg/Aaron Seltzer junk. People only like it because it is an interactive game. If it was a film, it would be ridiculed the same way the films of these “directors” get due to its stupidity.

    Sega’s AvP game was rushed into production to please the fans waiting for ACM. They were not sure what to do about ACM. There were rumours of cancellation, & it was delayed many times. This is because of Gearbox’s disgusting arrogance & fraudulent acts which I’ve just mentioned.

    Sega clearly just wanted a return on their investment, which IS understandable. Now, that does NOT mean they should not be criticised, but at least we can understand it. What excuse does Gearbox have? Keep in mind that arrogance, greed & narcissism do NOT count.

    Randy Pitchford lied to Sega, lied to the fans about being a huge fan of the films when it is obvious he isn’t. He has mocked/ridiculed Aliens fans. He called himself Steven Spielberg, & the pissed off Aliens fans the whiney nerds that hated Indy 4.

    He recently even exploited the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings at Normandy to promote himself & Brothers In Arms. This despicable act of self promotion spits on EVERYONE who served that day. Yet, gamers are still happy to flock to Gearbox like flies on shit, even after all his appalling acts & comments.

    Gotta love how you imply that Aliens (1986) was crap when you said Isolation threatens to ruin the legacy of Alien. If Alien can survive 20 years of garbage called Aliens Vs Predator, one bad solo Alien game won’t hurt.

    If you’re pissed off about the pre-order DLC thing, blame it on the greed of the industry in general. Don’t single out Sega. If you’re going to do a Sega bashing article, then you must also write an article explaining why people should NOT purchase a Gearbox game again. You are a hypocrite.

  • Derek Stratos

    The E3 demo was not scripted as I’ve actually covered it at E3 unlike this journalist. Sega truly delivered the first great Alien game…nuff said.

  • Daniel L

    Pre-order money doesn’t go to the developers. It’s simply a deposit, no one is saying you can’t get the money back. Pre-order deposits are FULLY REFUNDABLE up to and after the game releases if you change your mind. I pre-order games, wait for the review and if it looks good I pick it up and get the bonus content, if the game receives poor reviews and looks bad then I simply go to the store and cancel my pre-order. You really should study the subject that you write a story on a little more in-depth before spewing inaccurate information and attempt to pass it off as fact.

  • gray

    Links to articles? Some of your indignation and anger is over the top and ridiculous. Ironically making you seem immature and overly aggressive like the video game players you refer to. But I am genuinely interested in what you read about embezzling and all that by gearbox. If you can cancel pre-orders after a game comes out that should be included in this article. I only pre ordered one game in my life so far. Ithink pre ordering games is moronic unless it lowers the game price

  • Harold McBroom

    I’m sure Steam has a huge history of refunding people’s money, NOT!

  • Harold McBroom

    Just because your a journalist doesn’t make you an expert in terrorism… Just as going to E3 does not make you more knowledgeable of a company’s intentions, when you do not actually work for the company… I’m glad you enjoyed Colonial Marines, I’m glad I didn’t purchase that crap, because I waited a long time for it to come out, only to read the flood of disappoint over the web, from those who did buy the game… And I guarantee you, this so called Aliens: Isolation is nothing more than an interactive movie with one outcome, and a collection of DLC that they will be milking more than Borden milks cows!

  • Mark Baxter

    SEGA are doing exactly the same thing with the Total War series though. You’re the one making the assumption. Rome II Total War was a complete flop because they rushed it out and everyone hated it. It came out over a year ago and only NOW is it in workable order. And guess what? Now that it is, they’re bringing out the Attila game. Which, if you know anything about Rome Total War (the original), you’d realise was a £10 expansion. Not a whole new £30/40 game.

    Get your fact straight mate, this IS Sega’s doing. As much as you want to bum Sonic, your random propagation isn’t working.

    Also, Borderlands is mint. **** you.