Games of Evo 2014: Killer Instinct

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Xbox-One-SabrewulfThe Evolution Championship Series is the world’s biggest fighting game tournament. Elite level players from all over the globe (and those who aspire to be) have converged on Las Vegas. From July 11-13 at the Westgate Resort and Casino it is on. GamerTell will keep you updated on the winners, crazy finishes and of course the big announcements. Knowing the eyes of the fighting game world are locked on Vegas, publishers put their best fist forward to get people’s attention.

One of the big presentations at Evo 2013 focused on a game added to this year’s tournament circuit: Killer Instinct. Playing the fighting analogy for everything it is worth, KI is this field’s Rocky Balboa. I mean Rocky around the fourth movie, when everybody thinks he’s hung it up but he comes back anyway. Games such as Street Fighter never really left the arena. After its heyday in the 90s, this KI went away for a long time. There were always rumors, but it wasn’t until 2013’s Xbox One launch that they came true. The 90s arcade hit returned as an Xbox One exclusive, and it was.. free to play?

Developer Double Helix had embraced the game industry’s most pervasive and polarizing trend. Designers argued that most players only learn to use a couple of characters, so why charge them for the rest? The decision isn’t without detractors. After the game’s first “season” of content, it has only eight playable characters. Arcade mode, a basic feature of most fighters, didn’t come until well after launch. But the game will continue getting updates. Headlining Season Two is TJ Combo, the disgraced boxer with cybernetic arms. We’ll learn more about plans for the game at an Evo panel discussion. This update, for many viewers, will be the first words they hear from developer Iron Galaxy. The most significant part of Killer Instinct’s  eventful first year was Amazon purchasing developer Double Helix. Microsoft turned to Iron Galaxy to handle this resurrected fighting franchise.

The tournament this weekend should be an exciting one, as arcade stick manufacturer Razer has added $10,000 to the prize pool. That’s well worth breaking some combos for.

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