Evo 2014: Justin Wong wins Marvel vs Capcom 3 final

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Justin WongEverywhere Justin Wong has gone since Evo 2013, people talk about his epic run in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. It ended in a memorable second place finish, but fans are an unforgiving bunch. All they want to know is if you’re going to win, asking the question as if they expect some other response. No guys, totally planning on finishing second again. These uncomfortable conversations won’t happen in 2014, as Wong went got it done.

Wong is famous for improbable comebacks, but none of his typical heroics were necessary against Chris G.  Wong won 2-1, with the team of Storm, Wolverine and Akuma. Last year, every third comment on the stream or from the commentators politely suggested Storm wasn’t a strong character.  Nobody questioned his character choice this year.

On the way to the grand final Wong sent 2012 champion Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez into the losers bracket in a classic match. This contest was a master class in high level tournament play. Whether you care about this particular game at all, anyone who wants to play professionally, or understand what it takes to do so, would do well to watch it.

There were a few reasons Wong felt the urgency this year.  Capcom no longer has the rights to the Marvel half of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 thanks to Disney’s ownership of the comic company. Despite the fighting game’s iconic status and popularity, Capcom can’t officially support it. This will probably catch up with the game at some point. But the more than 130,000 watching on streams didn’t care the game won’t get any more patches.



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