Evo 2014: Garireo crowned BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma

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blazblue-chrono-phantasma-box-259x300Every year at Evo,  a game that isn’t considered one of the main eventers steals the show for those lucky enough to be watching. This year, that game was undoubtedly BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma. Garireo’s Litchi won the day in the July 13 grand final. In the first match he won 3-2 out of the losers bracket to force the reset. Then, after going down 2-0, Garireo came back from the brink of elimination against Dogura’s  excellent Azrael. to win three straight and take the title. He’ll pocket more than $23,000, a $15,000 bonus from Aksys and Arc System Games.











This grand final was a prime example of why publishers throw a little extra money into the pot. The paltry sum of $15,000 is a small price for the advertisingBlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma got this weekend. In seconds, you could see people’s reactions shift from “I’ve never heard of this game” to “I must own this game.” BlazBlue’s story isn’t the easiest to get into if you haven’t played previous installments. The fighting system is legit, however, and now thousands more people know about it. There were some 80,000 Twitch viewers checking it out. Thousands more will claim they were watching as the legend of Garireo’s comeback grows. This grand final was the definition of hype, and arguably the best finish of the entire weekend.


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