Yogventures! Kickstarter is a debacle

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It’s always a shame when a Kickstarter goes bad. Case in point, the Yogscast’s Yogventures! game. 13,647 backers pledged $567,665 between April and May, 2012, in the hopes of getting a full game from Winterkewl Games by December 2012. Well, it’s now July 2014, and there’s still no game.

It’s easy to see why people were taken in by Winterkewl’s Yogventures! promises. The Kickstarter page offered alpha screenshots and the Yogscast broadcasters are awardwinners with a broad fanbase. The $250,000 goal was reached in a week. It even appeared at E3 2012. Sadly, later that year is when the delays began.

Yogventures! was supposed to arrive in December 2012. It didn’t. Instead, the first apology for delays came on December 2, 2012, it’s explanation only made available to backers. A pre-alpha was released a few weeks later on December 24, 2012. This should have been the first sign that something was wrong, since not even an alpha was available near the expected release window. A full Yogventures! alpha wouldn’t be released until March 30, 2013, 3 months after the game’s expected release date.

Attemped explanations were offered when the Yogventures!‘s August 30, 2013 closed beta release was announced. It was then that Winterkewl Games and The Yogscast admitted that no physical rewards had been doled out and tried to say why no one was getting anything. It was then that backers also learned that almost all of the $567,665 had been spent prior to December 2012, and the teams had returned to their day jobs. Hearing that the game you backed is no longer the priority is never a good thing.

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Sadly, August 28, 2013 is the last update on the Yogventures! Kickstarter page. In a few weeks, it will be one year since any updates on the game have been issued. It’s been four months since a developer log update on Winterkewl’s YouTube account, and the Winterkewl Twitter has disappeared.

Sadly, it appears Yogventures! has turned into a case of bait and switch. The comments section on the Kickstarter is filled with rightfully angry backers, all craving answers and wanting their money back. GamerTell has reached out to WinterKewl and the Yogscast for comment.

A forum post on Reddit presents an “official statement” taken from Winterkewl on the Yogventures! private forum. I do not have the necessary access to verify the validity of this post, but it suggests that Winterkewl Games is going out of business and everything the developer did on Yogventures! is now in The Yogscast’s hands.

This news should be a shock for potential Kickstarter game backers. If you can’t trust a group like The Yogscast to deliver a product, who can you trust? And what kind of effect will this failure, coupled with the news that Yogscast is getting sales revenue for its videos on Space Engineers, have on the Yogscast?

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