6 Reasons why Earthbound needs to be your Club Nintendo Elite Reward

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The Club Nintendo Elite Rewards are in and while it is a shock that there will be no physical rewards this year, the plus side is that there are a lot of digital games to choose from for all 3DS and Wii U owners who qualify for Gold or Platinum rewards. The thing is, for Platinum reward members, there is really only one correct prize – Earthbound.

Now, if you already own a SNES copy of Earthbound (you are so lucky!) or bought it for your Wii U, go ahead and choose another game. ( Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is lovely.) If you don’t, sit back and see why you need to claim your copy of Earthbound right now.

earthbound 1
1: Earthbound is a revolutionary RPG: This game is a pioneer. It’s one of the first games to take on a more modern setting, for one. Also, it has a cartoonish and humorous exterior, juxtaposed with serious subjects and situations.

earthbound 2
2: Ness is a powerhouse: You will love Ness. He’s an upstanding, caring young man who not only goes out of the way to save the world, but also takes the time to call his parents from time to time to let them know how he is. Also, he’s probably the best rounded character in the game, with some seriously awesome PSI skills, which totally makes up for him being in the lower tiers in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Earthbound 3
3: Everything is against you: Have you ever fought crows before? What about hippies? Boxes? A tent? Barf? They’re all coming for you, and it’s time to deliver the beatdown with baseball bats and bottle rockets.

Earthbound 4
4: You’ll go everywhere: In most RPGs, you’re pretty much limited to one continent. While you may visit a forest, jungle, swamp, cave, dungeon, town, or ten, odds are they’ll all pretty much be the same. Not so with Earthbound. This is an adventure and you will be everywhere. Expect to be surprised and amazed.

earthbound box
5: Think about how much money you’re saving: Really, you’re saving $9.99 and getting a classic! More, if you factor in how much a physical copy of the original SNES cartridge is. It would cost you at least a couple hundred dollars. Maybe more!

Earthbound 5
6: It contains the greatest love story of our time: Make the effort to find the white and black sesame seeds in the Dusty Dunes Desert. You won’t get any reward, but the fact that you’re doing such a wonderful thing is thanks enough.

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  • PattonFiend

    You do realize that most people who got Platinum had already bought Earthbound the day it came out on the eShop, right? Most of them also bought Dr. Luigi and NES Remix as well.

    • Lucas White

      I got EarthBound on day one, yeah, but still don’t have the other two you mentioned (I got Donkey Kong, yo). It’s totally possible to have Platinum without at least one of those three games. And as exciting as EarthBound is, it is still a thoroughly obscure game despite what the Internet may tell you.

  • Kaihaku

    1 Reason why Earthbound will not be my Club Nintendo Elite Reward.
    I already bought it, just like most of the Elite Reward list.