Vote “Yes” for Gurumin on Greenlight, get a free copy

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guruminA long time ago, because 10 years is ancient now, a fun little action RPG from Nihon Falcom made its debut on the PSP. It was called Gurumin and it was downright charming. A young girl befriends monsters, becomes the only person who protect these friendly monsters from the more vicious phantoms, and hijinks ensue. It’s Legend of Zelda-esque. And, good as it was, it has since slipped into obscurity. Until now, as Mastiff, the company that brought the PSP version to North America, is now trying to get a PC port on Steam.

This means Gurumin is now going through the Steam Greenlight process. However, Mastiff has a little trick up its sleeve to hopefully ensure a placement in the online store. People who vote “Yes” on the Greenlight page, then join the Gurumin Steam group and say they gave it the thumbs up will get a free copy of the game once it appears on Steam.

Can they do that? Well, I guess so!

Of course, the fact that Gurumin is actually a great game doesn’t hurt its chances either. I mean, it was made by Nihon Falcom, a company famous for the Ys and Legend of Heroes series.

So stop reading and go give Gurumin an upvote so you can get a free game!

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  • Hank

    Oooooooooooh! I love free things, and boy do I love games with drills!