Naughty Dog shouldn’t make a sequel to The Last Of Us

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The Last Of Us is getting the VIP treatment from Sony. There’s going to be a live performance of the game’s script, a big promotional push is in effect for the PS4 remastered version of the game, and, of course, there’s talk of a sequel. But that last one really shouldn’t be happening at all. It’s natural for a company to follow up a success with something we want more of, especially in the gaming community. But The Last Of Us shouldn’t see a sequel for two reasons.

First, the main selling point of The Last of Us was the story. Not that the game wasn’t superbly done. It was polished to a high sheen and had beautiful mechanics and level design. But what pulled us through the game and made us keep playing was Joel and Ellie. Joel and Ellie aren’t getting a sequel. Naughty Dog has admitted as much. We could follow somebody else, but how would that be fresh?

Similarly, there would be pressure to add “more.” Whether it was more mechanics, new types of fungal terrors, or what have you, the sequel to The Last of Us would have to get a little bigger, a little more excessive, a little closer to a self-parody.

There are good ideas that could be implemented. The Last of Us‘ multiplayer aspect is enormously underrated. And thankfully, nothing’s set in stone. Still, we’d rather Naughty Dog take the mechanics and tell an entirely new story, instead of trying to get us invested in new characters in the same old situation.

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