SDCC 2014: 4 Game developers and publishers you have to see

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It may be the San Diego Comic-Con, but video games are surely taking the convention by storm. Every year, more and more developers and publishers take the time to stop by and set up booths at the event, and this year SDCC 2014 looks to offer the biggest video game assortment yet.

Which is why people have to get organized now. A lot of major video game publishers are going to be there, and it’s best to get your affairs in order. These five companies are all going to have some SDCC 2014 presence, and if you’re going to the show, you can’t miss them.

WiiU_SmashBros_scrnC05_01_E3 sdcc 2014


Nintendo is going to have a SDCC 2014 gaming lounge. It’s going to be huge, with 15 games on display. Keep in mind, some of these games weren’t even available to test out during E3 2014! Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 tournaments make it even better.

DragonAgeInquisition-615x313 sdcc 2014


You’re going to want to visit Microsoft’s SDCC 2014 booth for the chance to win one of 20 different, exclusive Xbox Ones. We showed you the Dragon Age: Inquisition one. (It was so sexy.) Stop by the booth, take a picture of the Xbox One you like, follow @Xbox on Twitter, and tweet a picture of the console you liked while using the hashtags #XboxOne and #XboxSweeps. Voila! You won!

activision game lineup e3 2014 skylanders trap team sdcc 2014


SDCC 2014 is a big year for Activision, because this marks the first time Skylanders will be at the show. Yes, crazy as it sounds, the series has never appeared at a San Diego Comic-Con. So it’s coming in with style, with a Skylanders costume contest that can net winners $4,000, $1,000, or a collection of Skylanders NFC figures. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game and figures were also on display, and true fans will also want to attend the “Skylanders: The Creative Process of Bringing Toys to Life” panel – Richard Horvitz, the voice of Kaos, will be there!

sdcc 2014 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red is bringing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to SDCC 2014, and that’s something to celebrate. Namely, because ordinary people who aren’t in the industry will be able to see the game for the first time on July 24th, at 10am thanks to a panel presentation. A live demo will also be shown July 25 at 11am at Jolt’n Joe’s Gaslamp’s Geeky & Sundry Consumer Lounge. CD Projekt Red is made up of some really awesome people who really love connecting with fans, so you want to take every chance possible to see and meet with them.

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