Video Games: The Movie has its moments and its flaws

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video games the movieI was immediately intrigued when I first heard about Video Games: The Movie. It is a documentary that examines the evolution of video games and the culture that surrounds them. It got me thinking about my history with games, and piqued my curiosity on where the industry can go from here. We’re at a place where there is immense potential for change and evolution, covering everything from what can be considered a game to how we play.

While Video Games: The Movie is good, there are some definite flaws. The length is part of the problem. Clocking in at 102 minutes, it was trying to cover enough material for a 150 minute documentary. In fact, the documentary could have been broken down to three different movies covering technology/development, cultural evolution, and controversies. That would’ve offered a bigger opportunity for depth and focus. Video Games: The Movie also jumped around too much, ignoring some major advancements and controversies in the industry as a result. It glossed over the violence and sexism debates and could have done more to consider future advancements. I believe all this was missed because the documentary spent too much time as a cheerleader for current technologies.

Video Games: The Movie did do a great job getting into the industry’s past and present. It covered some major developments, like the arcade movement, the video game crash of 1983, and of course the rise of home consoles, portables, disc-based games, and even cloud-based gaming. It even covered how the culture shifted, as gaming originally didn’t get a lot of mainstream acceptance. It touched on the debate on whether or not games can be considered art. Even with that was left out, there is a lot of great material in the film.

Video Games: The Movie is currently out in theaters. However, if it isn’t at a theater near you, head to your computer. Amazon Instant and iTunes will let you rent it for $6.99, or buy the standard/HD copies for $9.99/$12.99.

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