Square Enix and Google Play holding awesome Final Fantasy summer sale

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Starting right now through August 18, 2014, Square Enix and Google Play are cycling through sales for a handful of Final Fantasy games! Android users/Final Fantasy fans definitely shouldn’t miss out on this, as these games are normally $15.99. Through the sale, they’ll be marked down to $7.99. That’s not bad at all, considering some of these are even original pseudo-remakes for mobile platforms instead of just ports.

The first titles to go on sale are Final Fantasy III and IV. They’ll be on sale until July 30, so if you still haven’t played either game at this point, now is your chance to do so at a good price. The modern version of Final Fantasy III is solid, and the mobile version is probably the second-best behind the PSP version. Final Fantasy IV mobile, like III, is based on the DS remake, but the extra features and higher resolution make it that much better. However, again, the Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection – Sony PSP is considered definitive. That said, the two are very different games so playing both could be worthwhile for fans.

From July 31 to August 6, Final Fantasy V is on sale. V is one of my absolute favorites in the whole series, and I’m actually playing the Android version myself in my free time. A 3D-style remake in the vein of the aforementioned games would have been great, but the slick 2D style here certainly works. Being one of the more recent remakes, it plays really well.

Finally, from August 7 to the end of the sale on the 18, you can snag Final Fantasy IV: The After Years and Final Fantasy VI for the discounted price. After Years is… odd, but there’s no denying the pedestal VI is placed on by many, and it’s hard to argue against it. Some folks didn’t seem very happy with the mobile version, however, as it seems to have some localization errors.

Smartphones are one of the few platforms on which you can own the entire classic portion of the Final Fantasy series, and this sale should make pulling the trigger on it that much more appealing. Also, Final Fantasy V is great. You should play it if you haven’t. Seriously. It’s also notable that the first two games are $7.99 by default, so you can try those if you aren’t sure about playing Final Fantasy on your phone.

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