PS4 firmware 1.75 is here with 3D Blu-ray power

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ps4 firmware
Somebody’s going to have to do some updating before they can visit the PlayStation Store today. And by “somebody,” I mean anyone who owns a PS4, because PS4 firmware 1.75 is now available. Yes, we just had a PS4 firmware update on July 22, 2014. No, you can’t skip out on this one because you grabbed that one. Fortunately, 1.75 is one of those updates which won’t irritate you with its pointlessness and minor bug fixes.

PS4 firmware 1.75 actually adds new features. Most notable are improvements in the DVD and Blu-ray playing department. This update is being heralded as the one that makes all your 3D Blu-rays awesome, since applying it means your PS4 will be able to play them. Another, more minor, DVD and Blu-ray fix is an adjustment in the audio department that will make your shows and movies sound better if you opt for the 1.5x playback option.

There are also two other minor changes. The first is the ability to set Featured Content for Automatic Download via Settings. This means if your PS4 is on or on standby, and something you wanted to download is suddenly available on the PlayStation Store, your console will grab it automatically. Also, in an attempt to be less distracting, various notifcation messages will display in the top left corner of your TV screen, rather than the top right. Though honestly, I don’t see much of a difference there.

Right now, the only way to get PS4 firmware 1.75 is to head to your console, turn it on, and grab it directly from the internet. You know, if you don’t already have the system set to do it automatically. If you’d rather wait, though, you can always get it later from the official website and install it to your system off of a USB drive.

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