Enchant U is better than Kim Kardashian Hollywood

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enchant u
Getting tired of Kim Kardashian Hollywood? I wouldn’t be surprised if you did. The tasks gradually get more tedious and demanding, and once you hit A-List, there just isn’t that drive to keep moving forward with the fame-chasing lifestyle. Which is why I think it’s time everyone invested in Kim Kardashian Hollywood picks up Enchant U.

Enchant U is a similar simulation, only here players are a new student attending a college filled with supernatural situations. Not to mention, the heroine is half something-special as well. The goal is to live a successful school life, while making good use of an accessory boyfriend that serves as little more than a stat booster and buying clothes to unlock new adventures.

Yes, you read that right. Enchant U offers new quests based on whether players meet noble and wicked requirements. These are met by having a big enough wardrobe and even equipping boyfriends who boost the noble and wicked scores. It’s quirky and fun.

Especially since Enchant U offers real moral choices. With Kim Kardashian Hollywood, players have the illusion of choice when interacting with other characters. You’ll think you’re choosing a snarky or sweet answer, but it doesn’t have any major effects. With Enchant U, players actually choose to complete quests in noble or wicked ways, which earn different points for purchasing specific clothes, and really result in different reactions from the NPCs.

Not to mention, the “wicked” reactions to quests are almost always hilarious. True, some can result in cruel actions, but the majority of them are just laughably mischievious.

It also seems like energy regenerates quicker in Enchant U. Especially since players can equip boyfriends that enhance that effect. I’ve been playing both Kim Kardashian Hollywood and Enchant U all weekend, and while the former really seems to be pushing purchases, the latter really feels like a free-to-play game you can enjoy without paying a penny.

So if you’re ready to jump off the Kim Kardashian Hollywood bandwagon, enroll in Enchant U. You won’t regret it.

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