Maxis making some right moves with Sims 4

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the sims 4
Everyone knows Maxis, and by extension EA, have made a lot of bad decisions when it comes to The Sims 4. The exclusion of toddlers and pools were both earth shattering announcements, to be sure. Yet, despite the fact that those two crucial elements are absent to make us buy expansion packs later, a lot of good decisions have been made. These are conscious design choices that are more important than being able to see our Sims in a certain stage of life or providing an easy out to dispose of characters we decided we didn’t want. Maxis and EA were wrong about the toddlers and pools, but they’re getting other things right.

Like there’s no need for a persistent, internet connection. That’s what killed SimCity, and the fact that the companies realized that and didn’t implement it in The Sims 4 is huge. Granted, the game does require Origin and a one time check to start running, but once that initial log in is done, you’re set. It’s reassuring to see more flexible antipiracy.

But the even bigger and better news is that modding is in. The Sims series as a whole has been known for its active and creative fan community. With some of the earlier games, it took a while for custom content to get out there, as people had to figure out how the titles worked before the serious modding could begin. With The Sims 4, proverbial arms are open for anyone with original content to run right into them. We’ll probably start seeing user-created items shortly after the game’s September 2, 2014 launch.

So yes, it’s a blow that toddlers and pools won’t be there from the beginning. But the fact that modders will immediately have all these tools to get started should more than make up for it. Because really, these people have made some amazing things for past Sims games, and who knows what they can cook up for The Sims 4. That, and the fact that we won’t always have to be online, is enough to make up for knowing some things won’t be ready until the first expansion.

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