Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo line adds new toys

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jakks pacific world of nintendo
Oh great, Jakks Pacific is putting out more World of Nintendo toys. Good, because we needed more super-basic figures of iconic characters. Sorry if I sound a bit jaded. It’s probably because I’ve been exposed to good Nintendo-inspired figures from Good Smile Company and Bandai Namco, and it’s hard to get excited about anything else after that.

The new Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo toys were spotted after being seen on the Banter Toys & Collectibles website. 4″ tall Mario, Yoshi, and Link and 6″ tall Bowser and Donkey Kong figures will join the company’s ever expanding line.

Though honestly? I wouldn’t waste money on these new World of Nintendo figures, even though they’ll probably be between $10-20 each. (Prices weren’t available online yet.) Simply put, they can’t compare to some of the better figures available. The S.H. Figuarts Super Mario figure is a much more detailed figure, and even has an optional diorama parts set. You can even get a Luigi figure to go with him. Though, I think the Luigi Nendoroid is cuter.

And as for Link, you need a more detailed figure of him. Grab the Link Nendoroid instead. Or, better yet, the Link Figma. They’re more expensive than the Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo toys, but the quality makes them worth it.

If you really do want these World of Nintendo figures though, here’s my suggestion. Wait, and check Barnes and Noble after Christmas. Barnes and Noble sells a lot of these lower quality toys (as well as the better quality S.H. Figuarts), and I always see the cheaper 50-75% off bins.

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  • Upperkace

    Really? It’s hard to get excited? This series is going to have the first action figure versions of Captain Falcon, Fox McCloud, Olimar, Pikmin, etc., not to mention that the 6″ Bowser and Donkey Kong are the most articulated figures we’ve seen of these characters yet.

  • ‘TisTheTinderOnWhichYouBurn

    What green (pun intended) are you smoking?
    Buy something for 5-6 times as much, you recommend? (Figma Link, etc.)
    Sorry, No
    I’d rather support a line that is a lot more accessible (not just online) for a fraction of the cost.

  • the doctor

    i dont see how u could say these are lower quality toys.they have great sculpes and they look spot on to how they look in the games and i have to agree with upperkace on this one those figuers are going to be amzing.