I’ve got Willow Pape beat in Kim Kardashian Hollywood

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willow pape 2
It’s happened. I’m done with Kim Kardashian Hollywood. It’s over. I honestly feel I never have to open the app again. It’s all because I finally topped Willow Pape.

I know she’s not the best villain. She’s honestly an exact clone of the rival in Stardom: Hollywood. Still, she has a knack for getting under a player’s skin with her constant mockery. Not to mention the fact that a players’ number of fans drops the second Willow Pape opens her mouth. It makes it extra satisfying when a player gets to put her down.

And put her down I did. I ranted about her in a major interview, even though it lost me fans. The reporter and Willow both called me crazy, but man did it feel good.
willow pape 3

It felt even better to date her ex-boyfriend, Dirk Diamond, and steal him out from under her. He basically fell in love with me, and even though I was on the A List when I stopped playing, I was still dating old D-Lister Dirk. Why? Because Willow still wanted him. It felt good to know I was winning.

willow pape dirk diamond 1
But, now I really feel like I’m freed from Kim Kardashian Hollywood. It started when I hit the A List and surpassed her professionally. Willow’s only a B Lister with 3 million fans. I own my own boutique, So Chic, and have four times as many fans.

When that happened, it was like a switch was flipped. I beat Willow. All her mockery and badmouthing can’t hurt my avatar anymore, because I’m just the best. Which means now I can move on to another ridiculous, crappy game!

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  • Teresa Diggs

    Lol!!! I own So Chic now, and I am married to Dirk Diamonds!!! I love the KKH game, and would not trade it for anything!!!

  • Brooke

    lol right I actually got her to sort of like me even though I’m dating dirk.. I am a E lister I play this game so much I want to become an A lister. how long did it take you to become an a lister? any advice for me to help improve my stats? Thanks😄

  • Stacy

    Well, it took me a two weeks because i played every minute i got, lol i h8 willow pape, she lost me like 5 million gans by now.

  • livs

    omg I am an A lister and I have 120 milion fans I love this game to bits ♡

  • Molly

    I am married to dirk diamonds I own over 3 homes and I just love KKH it the best game I have played and I am a B lister ☺️😍


  • Molly

    I own so chic to who’s laughing now Willow Pape hahahah

  • Elle Alexandra 🐧

    I’m a C-Lister and Willow is like waay into D-Listing. When you don’t do certain events properly, other opportunities pop up.