Important Importables Review: Girls RPG: Cinderellife

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girls rpg cinderellife
Girls RPG: Cinderellife is weird. It’s nothing like you’d expect from an RPG. Really, it’s more of a life simulation. I mean, a player does get to level up various parameters, usually by spending money on various clothes, hairstyles, and accessories. There are missions too, and an overarching story. Really though, it’s about experiencing life as a hostess in Neo-Ginza, which is rarely glamorous.

I suppose I should commend Girls RPG: Cinderellife for its realism. Life real life, it’s tedious. Your character may be living something of a modern day Cinderella story, looking for fame, love, and happiness. The Butterfly of Happiness is a real thing in the world of Neo-Ginza and, unsurprisingly, the player’s heroine is the one most likely to find it. It appears before her multiple times throughout the story, suggesting that her decision to upend her life to become a hostess in the hopes of finding true love is a good thing.

girls rpg cinderellife 2
In short – it’s hilarious. Girls RPG: Cinderellife is ridiculous, frivilous, and silly. Fortunately, I feel Level-5 knows how outlandish the idea of the game was and reflects that throughout the story. Especially since there are 12 cameos with characters from various series. (Oh, how I wish my heroine could have found something lasting and true with Tuxedo Mask!)

And there are plenty of ways to customize the heroine. I mean, I bought Girls RPG: Cinderellife because it would give me the chance to play dress up. (And kind of date Tuxedo Mask.) That’s really all I needed – a chance to get all sorts of elaborate clothes. (Which made my character look… let’s go with glamorously sleazy.) It was going to be tripe. All I wanted was goofy fun, and it gave me that.

Except that goofy fun is also accompanied by responsibilities. As hilarious as it is to try and woo the men in the game at work, in the hopes they’ll spend more money at the club so I can buy more clothes, it’s a lot of work. Every night I visit with two or three clients. I make the right choices, keep everyone happy, and get more money. The next day, I shop for more stuff, then probably go do it all again. It’s repetitive, but then it’s mirroring real life. Players had to expect this.

So yes, I wholeheartedly recommend Girls RPG: Cinderellife, but only so long as you know what you’re getting into with it. If you go expecting a serious game, you’re going to be disappointed. Also, if you think you’ll get something that’s an example of feminism in action… yeah, no. It’s a lighthearted fantasy, an excuse to dress-up and participate in ridiculously girly activities. If you’re ready for that and have a Japanese 3DS, then pick it up.

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