5 games you need to buy during the PSN Anime Sale

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psn anime sale
Sales are great, especially on silly things you’d never buy at full price. Things like, oh, I don’t know… anime games! Sony knows what’s up, and has a ton of anime-based or, I guess, anime-esque games on sale for some awesome prices. If you’re a PS Plus member, you get even better prices. Some of these games are poop, but a few others are surprisingly good, and these great prices make them even better. From Dragon Ball to One Piece, this week is a fantastic time to be an anime nerd. Check out 5 games that you should absolutely toss some dollars at:

dragon ball z: battle of z

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (PS3/Vita)

With the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods anime movie making its (sadly limited) theatrical round over the past week or so, there’s no better time than now to check out the interesting tie-in game. Featuring the villain from the movie, Battle of Z reins the DBZ game formula back a bit, and presents itself as a sort of arcade-style co-op brawler. The controls are much more simple than past games, and the four-player co-op (both online and off) is a freakin’ hoot. Obviously local co-op is easier to set up with a PS3, but the lower-end visuals look much more appropriate on the Vita, and you can get that version for a bit less. You can’t go wrong either way.

one piece pirate warriors 2

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 (PS3)

I missed the first one, and from what I’ve heard, I didn’t miss a whole lot. It had some weird non-brawling sections, and didn’t do anything terribly interesting with retelling the first half of the anime. The sequel, however, is just a balls-to-the-wall punchfest with a ridiculous number of characters and a silly, original story that justifies even more characters beating the hell out of each other. All of the crazy, signature One Piece powers look and feel amazing and true to the source material, and the fanservice is all over the place. You’ll be paying less than 10 bucks for this if you have PS Plus, and hell, for an additional 5 you can go ahead and have both. That’s rad.

jojos bizarre adventure all star battle

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle (PS3)

If you’re unfamiliar with JoJo, and chances are higher than not that’s the case, you might want to try this anyway. Outside of being based on one of the most insane properties in anime history, it’s a damn solid fighter with some unique mechanics. It looks awesome and plays oddly, but in a good way. Plus, this is one of the more recent games on the list, so for 25 bucks that’s actually a super good price. Also, while you’re at it, do check out the recent anime, and buy the Phantom Blood manga when it’s published next year. you won’t regret it.

devil may cry hd collection

Devil May Cry HD Collection (PS3)

Well, I guess there was a Devil May Cry anime? I have no idea if it’s any good or not, but it certainly exists! Anyway, you probably know what these games are. The series has an odd history comprising several shifts in creative talent, but each game (yes, even 2) has merit in some way or another. Pair this up with Devil May Cry 4 and you have one of the most distinct franchises in action game history, and one that started many trends you see today (in thoroughly worse games, I might add). Just… don’t play the one Ninja Theory made, the one with the really stupid acronym. It’s… it’s not good.

persona 3 fes

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES (PS3)

Okay seriously, if you haven’t played this yet just buy it. I’m not even going to bother wasting my words at this point. It’s 2 and a half dollars, for chrissakes. Just get it.

There you have it, folks. There are a few other cool games, such as the latest version of BlazBlue and that Saint Seiya game that somehow made it to the states. Go nuts! I’ll only judge you a little if you buy the Naruto game. The Anime Sale ends on August 18, so there’s still plenty of time.


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