I’m skeptical of Overkill’s Walking Dead game

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the walking dead game
How many video games has The Walking Dead inspired. The answer is six, seven if we’re counting TellTale’s The Walking Dead seasons separately. Now, how many of those games have knocked our socks off? Exactly one, TellTale’s The Walking Dead. Which, again, could be two for those who count the first and second seasons as separate games. This, my friends, is why I think Overkill Software’s The Walking Dead dead game could let us down.

It’s not that I don’t have faith in Overkill. The developer created Payday: The Heist and Payday 2, and did a very good job on both. It has shown that it knows how to make a cooperative action game, it’s them. Come to me and say that this group of talented individuals is working on a coop, Payday-style shooter and I’m in.

The problem is, the best The Walking Dead games aren’t about the action. The ones that people really enjoy are titles like The Walking Dead Seasons One and Two. It’s more about the people and the struggles they’re facing, rather than the dispatching of zombies. Do you know why The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct failed. You know, aside from it being a badly made game? It was just another zombie shooter. We have plenty of those.

The Walking Dead‘s cerebral elements are what set it apart. While Overkill is great with coop action games, and will have Robert Kirkman helping the developer with this game, I can’t help but think that the resulting product is going to look more like the 100 other zombie fighting games out there, rather than using the source material and unique elements of The Walking Dead to stand apart.

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