WWE SuperCard is bizarre and dangerously addictive

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I was confused, at first. Confused, and a little disappointed. I had eagerly awaited the release of WWE SuperCard for the, like, handful of hours between its announcement and launch. Once I booted it up, I was given some random cards to start with and sent on my way. No explanation of the rules or what my menu options were, and the cards were hideous. They’re all square-shaped blobs of color with the cheesiest, lowest-resolution images of WWE’s talent I’ve ever seen outside of Google Images. What bizarre, trainwreck of a world had I voluntarily entered? Is everything else about this game going to match how shoddy it looks? Why were my expectations so high in the first place?

Most of these questions were answered the first time I watched a literal card come wobbling down the entrance ramp to the tune of a low-rent arrangement of Pomp and Circumstance. The card, my card, the cool rare Daniel Bryan card I was given at the start, then proceeded to deliver a tombstone piledriver to my opponent’s. It exploded. The dark, blurry, probably-poorly-animated-if-I-could-see-it crowd popped. I was still processing what I had witnessed, but I knew I was participating in something wonderful. I laughed and laughed. I’d truly never seen anything like it. WWE SuperCard may not be as ambitious as Marvel: War of Heroes, but it is is thoroughly more entertaining.

wwe supercard

More ugly, low-poly WWE SuperCard wrestling carnage unfolded. I saw DDT counters, dives from the top rope, power slams and more. I somehow had lucked into a pretty good starting deck, and got even more good stuff after each match. Microtransactions were there, somewhere, but no matter what the outcome of a match was, I was given cards. Random cards, sure, but I could feed them to my good cards for EXP. I was progressing at lightning speed, rising the ranks and getting more and more cool stuff. I popped a super rare Edge, the “R-Rated Superstar,” and pumped so many points into him he’s practically unbeatable.

I trounced the likes of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Big John Studd and even the immortal Hulk Hogan, almost without effort. Even when I did lose, I got to see cool new cards to look out for and still got a new card anyway. Hours passed, and I had to force myself to stop. Things had to be done, even if there were new cards to turn over and more opportunities to put Triple H in his place. I’m not sure what 2K Games was thinking when it put WWE SuperCard together, or even how much money went into it, but they did right by me at least.

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  • Brian Allen

    I can’t get mine to log in, maybe I need to reinstall. You’re going down, brotha!

  • D Rant

    This is the most retarded day in the history of man kind.

  • Jack Pimp

    Where is the Cammacho super card? Life is just not Idiocracy without my Cammacho super card. That’s so ***!