Alice in the Heart is a tragedy

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Alice in the Hearts is a tragedy

alice in the heart 1
Quinrose makes amazing otome games. That is, dating sims for girls. Alice in the Country of Hearts is among their best, so it should have been a triumph when the PSP version was localized and ported to iOS and Android devices as Alice in the Hearts. Alas, instead of a victory, we’re left with a sour taste of failure. Because this localization has resulted in lines like this.

alice in the heart 2

And this.
alice in the heart 3

And we can’t forget this.
alice in the heart 4

Alice in the Hearts is just heartwrenching. This is an incredible game with some of the funniest scenes I have ever encountered in an otome title. Even the manga doesn’t do it justice. Which makes it hard to bear when the hilarious introduction’s momentum is ruined by one of the worst game localizations I have ever seen.

alice in the heart 5
That line is hilarious, but for the wrong reason.

Alice in the Heart‘s localization physically hurts. Quinrose is an amazing developer with fantastic games. Alice in the Country of Hearts is one of the best. In fact, I would even call it a legend of the otome genre. This adulteration of the game’s script is just wrong.
alice in the heart 6

Look at what we’re dealing with here!

alice in the heart 7

Listen, Quinrose and artmove. This is a $24.99 or $37.99 iOS and Android game, depending on whether someone pays for a fully voiced adventure or not. Your customers deserve better. This game deserves better. Please, issue an update that makes Alice in the Heart intelligible.

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