GameStop Heracross and Pinsir Mega Stones distribution has begun (update)

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gamestop mega heracross pokemon distribution
Another Pokemon distribution event is in progress. Everyone with copies of Pokemon X and Y have a Heracross or Pinsir waiting for them. The level 50 Heracross is only for Pokemon X users, while only Y gets the Pinsir. But that isn’t what this story is about. (Though you really should go to Mystery Gift, choose an Internet gift, and grab them now if you haven’t already.) This is about the GameStop Pokemon distribution event.

As of today, August 18, 2014, GameStop has begun doling out Mega Stones for Heracross and Pinsir. Players must go to their nearest GameStop store for this Pokemon distribution event. Once there, they can get a special flier with codes for the Mega Stones on them. (Some people have reported stores holding the fliers hostage for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, but you should be able to get it without one.) Once you have the code, start Pokemon X or Y, choose Mystery Gift, and choose to get a gift via a code, enter it, and you’re set. After a few moments, Heracronite will be available in X, while those with Y get Pinsirite.

GameStop will be giving away the Mega Stones during this Pokemon Distribution event until August 31, 2014. You have plenty of time to grab those stones. If you happen to miss them though, it isn’t the end of the world. Both Heracross and Pinsir can be captured in the games, thought at lower levels, and even their Mega Stones are available in-game. However, you’ll have to do a trade, as Pinsir and Pinsirite are only in Pokemon X, while Heracross and Hercronite are only in Y.

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  • John

    The guy at Gamestop wouldn’t give me the code until I pre-ordered Ruby or Sapphire, I have no idea if that was how it was meant to happen or if the guy was being a sleazebag and upping his pre-order numbers.

  • E.J.

    The Nintendo website says it’s a code on a flyer. I went to GS today and they didn’t have it. They called the other GSs in the area. None of them had it.

  • Richard

    None of the GS in my area have them either. I’ve been calling them all day because I don’t want to make a wasted trip. Wonder why they don’t have them yet? I hope they don’t run out before I can get one for each of my X and Y copies.

  • Sierra

    I went in today to two different gamestops near me and nobody knows where these codes are at just that gamestop (at least near me) has not recieved them but they are expecting them any day now.

  • Chris

    Can someone tell me the code for the pinsirite mega stone please.

  • Brandon

    same here, the gamestop I went to didnt have it. ima go next week and see if they got it then, plus they mentioned you have to pre-order the game which is bull but since ima get it anyway I just went ahead and reserved it.

  • John

    They’re one-time use codes, they’re on a card that has a scratch away layer. Once the code is used, you cannot share it.

  • Ray

    I went to 3 different GS near me and they all don’t have the codes yet. And yes I was told that I needed to reserve the game in order to get the codes. Which I already did and I can confirm you need to reserve AS or OR in order to get the codes.

    They have a kick stand that says so.

  • silver

    he was trying to up his quota

  • z

    nintendo screwed up and didn’t ship alot of the cards out so there are a lot of gamestops that never even got the codes, nintendo’s customer service is getting flooded with calls about it, i my self just got off the phone with them and they have been getting non stop calls about them. 1-800-255-3700 is the customer service number for those who don’t have it

    • Sierra

      The whole you have to preorder Ruby and Sapphire is bull the heracross and pinsir were both mystery gifts as are their stones. So that gamestop employee was just trying to up his quota. I finally got my code the other day at a gamestop a good hour away from my area. I’m glad that some of nintendo’s customer service are willing to help because when we called ( I think it was a different number than z’s but don’t remember) the person we spoke to told me they didnt give codes out over the phone because it was a “limited event so they only give out so many codes”. which like the whole you have to preorder ruby and sapphire is complete bull. Hope everyone has less trouble getting their codes than i did.

  • Person

    I herd that if you ring up Nintendeo or pokemon ask about the gift and say that your gamestop said you have to pre order oras I think they ask for you seral code (your 3ds/2ds) console and your email address they will give you a code. Well that’s what I heard via Socal networks

  • joe

    received newsletter e-mail with code from nintendo

  • Justin

    Jelly, is it a generic code any one can use because I am signed up for all kinds of newsletters from them (nintendo, pokemon etc) and haven’t seen it.