Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is Nintendo’s foray into mobile gaming

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 Pokemon Trading Card Game Online
Considering how enormously beloved the core video games of the Pokemon franchise are, it’s easy to forget that Nintendo’s Pokemon has a larger reach. The Pokemon Trading Card game is a good example. You may not have played it since middle school, but many people still are, and now the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is coming to iOS devices.

Admittedly, Pokemon Trading Card Game Online isn’t much of a step toward mobile for Nintendo. In fact, this is really just a port of a Windows and Mac game. Nintendo allowed to be delivered recently, with what was rumored to be a considerable amount of trepidation on their part. Nonetheless, just the revelation of Pokemon Trading Card Game Online‘s existence and the success of Mario Kart 8 has been enough to drive shares of the company up nearly seven percent. This means an Android version could be possible. Perhaps it will even convince Nintendo to pursue more mobile endeavors.

Knowing Nintendo, it’s unlikely to bring major franchises to mobile platforms, especially when many of those games wouldn’t work very well on mobile. It does seem, however, that the company is starting to become interested in the challenges that an entirely new form of gaming platform might represent, and is interested in developing them.

Source [Josh Wittenkeller on Twitter] Via [Polygon]

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