Lego Minecraft Cave and Farm sets coming

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There is no game more perfect for Lego adaptations for Minecraft. I mean, it is essentially an entire video game built around the notion of creating amazing things with blocks. It’s a perfect fit. Yet all we’ve seen so far are an assortment of Micro World sets which, while cool, really are more of a for-show thing. You build a Lego Minecraft Micro World, put it on a shelf, and marvel at how neat it looks. It’s only now that we’re getting a glimpse of the fuller sets designed for play, the first two of which are the Cave and Farm.

lego minecraft cave
The Lego Minecraft Cave set comes with Steve and Zombie figures, and gives builders a chance to create a cave with lava stream. It also has an outdoor area. Combine it with some regular Legos, and you could expand the cave or perhaps turn it into some kind of fort.

lego minecraft farm
Personally, I prefer the Lego Minecraft Farm. It just seems like you get more, somehow. Steve, Skeleton, Cow, and Sheep figures are included, and it will work well with regular Legos, just like the Cave set. In fact, I think it would be easier to combine this set with more generic Legos, since it could easily be added onto any house set.

The Lego Minecraft Cave and Farm sets will be released before 2014 ends. Prices aren’t available yet, but each Micro World set is $34.99, so I’d expect the pricing to be similar.

Source [The Brick Fan]

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