Madden NFL 15 Countdown: EA Access early gameplay restricted to six hours

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madden-nfl-cover-e1406753326902EA Access provides subscribers with a chance to play games five days before their retail release. But some of the game offerings will only allow a limited amount of play. Madden NFL 15 is one of these, EA revealing Access members will only get to play the early version of the game for six hours. To put it mildly, some subscribers are not happy. EA touted the “Play First” feature as a major selling point for Access. Questions about how much gameplay it would offer for Madden went unanswered until this week, right before players can download the early version.

Season Ticket, a previous program that allows three days of early access, features unlimited gameplay. EA has noted that some of its promotional materials did mention time limits. It’s fair to say that feature didn’t get as much billing as early access did. Season Ticket is still available for those who would like to play Madden 15 early and unrestricted. It will continue for one more year on PS3 and Xbox 360, giving those console owners more time to upgrade. Sony opted out of EA Access, so it’s an Xbox One exclusive for the time being.

In addition to early gameplay, the service allows players a selection of other games in the Vault. That list currently includes Madden NFL 25, Battlefield 4, Peggle 2. EA Access is $4.99 per month or $29.99 for one year. Madden NFL 15launches August 26 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 350 and Xbox One.


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