Some GameStops require pre-orders for Pokemon Mega Stone codes

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gamestop mega pinsir pokemon distributionThe GameStop Mega Stone flyers should be out in the wild now for all Pokemon X and Y users to get Heracronite and Pinsirite, but many 3DS owners are reporting a hitch. In some cases, stores haven’t gotten the codes to distribute, despite this Pokemon distribution event lasting from August 18-31, 2014. Even worse, some stores are requiring a pre-order of Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby before they’ll give visitors the code.

However, a pre-order shouldn’t be necessary. The official Pokemon website says the flyers with GameStop’s Mega Stone codes should be available for anyone to grab. It’s only the exclusive poster that requires a pre-order of one of the two new games.

Since many had reported issues, I headed out to check my local GameStop stores to see if they had the Mega Stone flyer. The first two hadn’t received any yet, but the manager at one said they would be just giving them away. (The other didn’t know if a pre-order was required.) At the third store, the flyers were there, but the employee tried to claim I needed to make a pre-order. It took bringing up the Pokemon website on my phone to convince him to give me a flyer, but I did end up getting one for free. They were in limited supply and version specific, so the code I received only works with Pokemon X and is a one-time use item.

The lesson is, be prepared when you go to get your Heracronite or Pinsirite for your Heracross or Pinsir. Perhaps even have the website on your smartphone in case the clerk asks for proof.

Pokemon website

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    I was able to obtain a card from my local Gamestop today without having to pre-order, however when I went to the store yesterday, the store clerk indicated that I had to pre-order in order to get the promotion. I ended up doing that, but only because I want the physical game when it comes out.

  • Soop

    Just so you know. The codes are not version specific. The code you receive will work in Pokemon X OR Pokemon Y. Depending on which version the code is entered determines which Mega Stone you receive.

  • James S.

    I had severe trouble getting it. I went to 3 stores (2 I pushed it), the last one had a made-up sign saying you had to pre-order the game. I had the page loaded in my phone, the store employee refused to see it and claimed he was the manager. Then I screamed at him and he still didn’t give it up. Finally, I dialed a Nintendo rep’s number and he finally gave it up. I think GameStop is pulling a bait-and-switch here to boost their sales. The stores that gave me the most trouble were 1. GameStop in Howell, NJ, Lanes Mill Rd. and Rt. 9, and 2. GameStop in Freehold Mall, which had the made up sign and gave me a hard time being prepared.

  • Conor

    Of course those are the gamestops closest to me. Thanks for the heads up.

  • James S.

    @Conor: If you have any issues with them, call the Nintendo Customer Service line and also, be sure to get any employees and managers’ names. That helps big time.

  • Rae Ann

    The clerk at our local GameStop was well aware that the website said they were to be handed out. They were still requiring a pre-order since they “didn’t get very many of them from Nintendo.”

  • James S.

    A Pokemon Mega Stone Update:

    If you live in NJ, especially in like Monmouth County, Mercer County, or Middlesex County, you’re in for a hell of a time getting the Mega Stone event if you don’t preorder. Now Regional Manager Donna has made up signs saying you have to preorder (can tell they’re fake because they don’t have the (copyright) 2014 Nintendo on them) and has sent fake e-mails saying otherwise. This is relatively bad news for anyone in that area, and the managers are going to fight you to the teeth, including not looking at the ads.

    There is some silver lining though. Ocean County so far seems unaffected. Brick GameStop (off Exit 91 on the Garden State Parkway, go down to the plaza on the right side of Hooper Ave and Brick Blvd) will give a person at least two cards even if they don’t preorder (any more and the poster you probably will have to though). There’s a good chance the Ocean County Mall will probably give them to you too if they run out, though don’t hold me on it.

    Thought I’d help people out to the best extent I know, though an hour drive or more, plus gas and tolls, kinda sucks for people in North New Jersey. Wish I could’ve delivered better news.