The Sims 4: Missing a lot of features

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The Sims 4
I recently discovered a list of 89 things that will be missing from The Sims 4. It’s insane that the game will be missing so many of the features that made its predecessors great, and the scope of the things that are being left out is seemingly random.

One case that I can make for the lack of Sims 4 features, and why many are most likely being left out, is expansion packs. Sims games are certainly no strangers to expansions. And left without a choice, we often mindlessly buy into them. It’s a brilliant marketing strategy, but it’s hard to be certain if that is the case for all or most of these features being left out. While I can’t see certain features like babies, and toddlers, being left out forever, it’s impossible to say for sure.

Another thing that I noticed about the list of forgotten Sims 4 features is that it puts a larger focus on the sims’ homes. Every lot will have it’s own loading screen. So rather than loading a few houses at a time, you’ll be focused on just one. This might make for better options in customizing your sims’ homes.

The Sims 4

By focusing on just one home at a time, the Sims 4 will be able to put more processing power towards that home, and it’s features, rather than the surroundings. This leads me to believe that the advertised “Build Mode” will make home customization much more effective, and expansive.

While this new mode is exciting, it’s still disappointing to see so many great features, and options, left out of the Sims 4. However, as an avid Sims player, I can still see myself purchasing this game. Granted, I will almost certainly be waiting for that $60 price tag to lower a bit first.

Source: [TS4News] Site [The Sims 4]

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  • Mélanie

    J’adore se jeu

  • Scott

    Thanks for the list! I cancelled my preorder, and look forward to the (post-release) reviews. No CAS? Limited color palette?

    Does anyone know if they’ve got an idea of the release time for Sims 5?

    • April Marie

      They really have left a lot out, so it’ll be interesting to see if the new features make up for it.

      I haven’t seen anything about a Sims 5 release date yet unfortunately!