Watch Goldfish fight for Street Fighter II Turbo supremacy

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Do you want to see the pinnacle of human achievement? Of course you do! I direct your attention to “Fish Plays Street Fighter” on Twitch, in which two fish are duking it out, mano a mano, in Street Fighter II Turbo.

No, really, it’s the greatest thing ever. First, some mad genius decided to use visual recognition software to map controller inputs to sections of a fish tank and have his fish play Pokemon. Then this dude came along and decided the world needed to see the true power of Goldfish-kind. He rigged up a way for his fish to brutally beat each other up in Street Fighter II Turbo.

The basic gist of the Street Fighter II Turbo fish fight is the owner of the two fish divided the tank into sections in front of a camera. Each time one of the fish swims into an area, the system sends a controller input to the emulator. Awesomeness ensues. The fish battle on a schedule from 7:30AM – 10:00PM EST. Aquarius or Robert the Bruce may very well be next year’s Evo champion.

Here’s the FishPlayStreetFighter channel feed. Enjoy the event!
Watch live video from FishPlayStreetFighter on
It’s oddly hypnotic. Watch for ten minutes and you’ll see. Maybe it’ll even inspire you to pick up the game again.

Site [FishPlayStreetFighter on Twitch]

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