Beware of bootlegs at the 2014 Wizard World Chicago Comic Con (update)

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wizard world chicago comic con bootlegs
I have a warning for you, oh Wizard World 2014 attendees. If you’re going to the Chicago Comic Con happening this weekend, shop wisely. I browsed the dealer room today and came upon some rather unfortunate things.

First of all, most of the items at Credits Remaining’s booth 120 in Hall A are bootleg products. The owners of the booth are Credits Remaining and I picked up on it when I noticed every “Good Smile Company” product had wrong packaging and was clearly inferior to their regular figures. The Nendoroids are a dead giveaway, due to the boxes being half the normal size. There were also a number of Attack on Titan Petanko style figures, which Good Smile Company hasn’t even made yet. Even many of the Pokemon plushes were suspect, as they weren’t as high quality as the official ones sold in Japan or even here in the US. I even asked the staff at this booth if they were bootleg products, and they acknowledged it, but they certainly didn’t go out of their way to mention that to other shoppers.

disney emolgaI would also exert a lot of caution if you visit Cross Country Collectibles at booth 211 in Hall A while shopping at Wizard World. Why? Well, I happened to check the Pokemon plushes and there were many that said they was made by “Disney” on their tags. That’s right – another bootleg. My second day back, I took pictures. Here’s one of “Disney”‘s Emolga “Pokemon”.

Shop smart when you shop at Comic Cons! If you have a smart phone and something seems even slightly questionable, then Google it! People spend a lot of money in the vendor rooms at these events, and it breaks my heart to think people aren’t getting what they think they are.

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  • Charles

    Why haven’t Credits Remaining or Cross Country Collectables been reported to the proper authorities yet? This is quite upsetting. I’m sure the price gouging is atrocious. D:

    • Jenni Lada

      I mentioned it to Wizard World’s PR and reported them at one of the information booths.

  • Chad

    We found a shirt for sale at this booth that was flipped from the original and printed missing some of the colors. We are the only convention exhibitor the artist has contracted with to sell his design so we know this shirt is bootleg. We confronted him and they removed the design.

  • Charles

    It’s Sunday here at the convention and they’re still up and running with all their knock offs.

  • Charles

    It’s Sunday here at the convention and they’re still up and running. Doesn’t look like anything is gonna happen until a Nintendo or Funimation steps in, cause Wizard isn’t doing anything about it.

  • Chad

    We have photos of the shirts on sale at this booth and contacted several artists we work with whose designs we saw for sale and they all stated they had not licensed their designs to anyone at the convention. We are supposed to talk to Wizard World people today and hopefully they will do *something*.