Virtuix Omni might be the future of VR

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Virtuix Omni
It’s obviously no secret that I’m a fan of virtual reality. It stems from my ongoing love affair with anime like .Hack and Sword Art Online. I dream for the days when we can be fully immersed in video games. Hopefully that immersion doesn’t end badly like it did in .Hack or SAO, but that’s not the point.

The point is, video games transport us to other worlds. They allow us to do things that we would never be able to do otherwise. You won’t see me dual wielding swords with the skill of a master swordsman anytime soon. But games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim allow me to do just that.

The trouble is, we haven’t discovered “total immersion” yet. We’re headed in the right direction with headsets like the Oculus Rift, and Project Morpheus. But it’s still not the same. Vanguard V, with it’s “look to fly” system, is probably the closest thing I’ve seen to VR integrating instinctual movements.

There is hope though.

Back in June, I discovered a video of a man playing Skyrim in a funny looking setup that I had never seen before. Turns out it was called the Virtuix Omni.

Virtuix Omni

The Omni is one of the first fully immersive platforms that I have ever seen. It was funded largely in part by its Kickstarter campaign that raised over a million dollars.

It’s currently up for pre-order, which means, for the low price of $499, you can be one of the first people to say they have purchased a VR interface. Mind you, it doesn’t come with a headset. So if you don’t currently own an Oculus Rift, that will have to find its way into your budget first.

The Omni is certainly impressive. And I’m excited to see how well it sells when it’s finally released. Hopefully it sells well, because I would love to own one of these someday.

I’ll be one step closer to my dream of feeling like I’m truly “there”, and inhabiting fantastical worlds of my choosing.

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