Hackers’ PlayStation Network DDOS attacks hurting gamers, not Sony

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playstation network down logoPS3, PS4, and Vita owners experienced a bit of trouble yesterday, due to hackers deciding to “enlighten” us with PlayStation Network DDoS attacks. Lizard Squad took credit, claiming this was a move to end corporate greed by showing how “incompetent” Sony was for allowing it to happen. Because apparently, Lizard Squad feels the PlayStation Plus money isn’t being used properly.

Except this PlayStation Network DDoS attack isn’t hurting Sony. It’s hurting gamers. These are people who, depending on what console they own, may or may not be paying to play online. Perhaps someone wanted to enjoy the weekend gaming with friends. Maybe it was a Netflix night. It doesn’t matter. The hackers behind the attacks just made our lives worse.

We paid for PlayStation Plus because we didn’t mind the fees. I don’t know about you, but I grabbed a couple of years’ worth back during the Black Friday 2013 sale when it was $29.99 per a year of the service. Considering the game discounts and Instant Game Library titles I’ve received in return, I consider it money well spent. Is Sony greedy? Perhaps. But I’ve always been satisfied with the service.

Plus, Lizard Squad has made a point of saying that Sony should use PlayStation Plus funds for DDoS protection. Perhaps I’m cynical, but I’m of the belief that if a group of hackers wanted to unleash a PlayStation Network DDoS attack that could bring it down, it’s going to happen. We’ve seen the scale of attacks lately at stores like Target and Jewel Osco. If a group wants to do something, they’ll find a way.

PlayStation Network DDoS attacks are ridiculous. The hacker groups trying to justify them are acting like children. They should be ashamed of their actions and how much trouble they’re causing for millions of innocent gamers who wanted to enjoy their weekend, for many the only time some have to themselves, and couldn’t because of juvenile, ridiculous rebellion.

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