This is what a Disney Pokemon looks like

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We need to talk, Emolga, because I saw you this weekend and you looked like this.
emolga disney pokemon
When you should really be looking like this..

disney emolgaSo I just had to find out if there was… oh, I see. You’re a Disney Pokemon Emolga.

People may think it strange, but bootleg Pokemon plush exist. Some distributors and vendors actually think they can get away with it. Which is why things like Disney Pokemon exist. They absolutely shouldn’t, but they do.

Which is why real Pokemon fans need to be vigilant when it comes to making purchases. When buying online, always check the product images to be sure the items look official. As you can see from the Emolga Disney Pokemon above, the quality is clearly off on the bootleg. It can’t compare to this official Emolga. If you’re buying in person, then be sure to check tags. If the tag says something like Disney, don’t buy it.

emolga official plush disney pokemonIn fact, I’d even go so far as to suggest permanently bookmarking the official Pokemon Center page. People selling bootleg Pokemon plushes are often asking as much as, if not more than, Nintendo does for the real thing. May as well save your money and buy direct!

Because the only good Disney Pokemon are the ones in fan art online.

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