5 tips for getting your deck over in WWE SuperCard

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wwe supercard king of the ring championSo, I won King of the Ring in WWE SuperCard. I stuck with it for a few hours, came out on top and won a pair of super rare Cesaro cards for my troubles. I also won a rare support card, but I don’t really use it, so whatever. I wrote a little about it before, but WWE SuperCard really is a great game. It’s very easy to pick up and play, has some hilarious gimmicks and practically zero pressure to spend any money. Simply playing, win or lose, helps you progress. The rest is up to you. Since I fancy myself a babyface despite my deck possibly being the goofiest heel stable ever (currently Edge, Alberto Del Rio, Vince McMahon, Cesaro and Eva Marie), I decided it would be fun to throw out a few general tips. These tips won’t necessarily guarantee you a shot at the title every time (you gotta get over on your own, brother), but they will help you shape a solid deck and help get you where you need to be. So read these, but don’t forget to Bo-lieve!

Tag Team Synergy

That 10% bonus or penalty can make or break a tag team scuffle. High stats don’t mean anything in once everyone has super rares or higher and you aren’t matching up your colors. It also doesn’t help if you’re constantly sending out good tag team cards in solo matches, ruining your chances of winning a third round tag match. I’ve found a good plan is to have three of your four cards match up. It gives you enough wiggle room to improvise, without limiting your options too much. Much of WWE SuperCard is being able to adapt to the random win conditions no matter which cards you’ve already used.

Build a Solo Card and Cover Your Weaknesses

If I’m saying set three cards aside for tag team purposes, it makes sense to build that fourth card as a multi-purpose solo contender. If you can get a card with that one stat your team dudes don’t have, push that card to the moon, Jack. It’s also super important to pick support cards that bolster your weaknesses. As attractive as one huge boost can be, the cards that spread bonuses over two or more stats are also great in a pinch. Mix it up; one of the biggest parts of WWE SuperCard later on is knowing when to use your supports. The cards that attack opponent stats seem less reliable.

Train ASAP

If you get a good card, train that sucker right away. The only reason to hold off is if you’re still getting a feel for the game, but it’s not like you ever run out of feeder cards. Those two or three stat points will make a difference, and if you let your deck flounder too long you will start to fall behind as exhibition matches get tougher. At that point WWE SuperCard can start to feel like a grind, and that’s no fun! Also, do not forget to train your cards all the way up before combining them. Pro cards do benefit from maxed out cards, to the tune of a lot of stat points.

Hoard Your Boosts

Generally, you won’t need boosts to get into the finals as long as your team is solid and you pay attention to your energy levels. One of the biggest boons in WWE SuperCard is the gap in-between games, which allow you to run some quick exhibition matches to build up energy and boosts. Sure, popping a boost is annoying when you’re jonesing for new rares, but once you’re in the finals against the guy with the highest win/loss ratio and you have five of each? Game over man. Thanks for playing, jabroni. It’s important to keep your energy up, but those are common enough and don’t stack much, so you’ll find yourself cycling through them naturally.

Keep Entering!

Remember, you can choose when to participate in a King of the Ring match. There are also no stakes. You can ignore it the entire time if you want, and it doesn’t even effect your win/loss ratio. What’s the worst that can happen? I tossed myself in once, checked the next day and got a new rare, for zero effort. It’s a great way to help build your collection on the side while you’re still trying to make a team you’re happy with. It may seem like it’s more trouble than it’s worth, and sometimes it is — but again, there’s no reason to even pay attention unless you’re gunning to win, and those consolation prizes can help you get to that point. WWE SuperCard rewards you just for playing, and that’s great.

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  • Toddo

    How exactly did you enter a king of the ring tourney and get the rewards the next day when it takes roughly 50 hours to play through the tourney?

    • Lucas White

      My sense of time is pretty messed up I guess? Spending most of every day wrangling a two year-old will do that to you! Doesn’t really change anything, right? Enter it, check back in when it’s over, collect card.

      Thanks for reading!

      • Todd

        Good point. I guess I was more hoping that they cut the time down on how long it took to play one.

        • Lucas White

          Yeah, I can dig it. I won another KotR the other day and forgot how disappointing it is when you get into the finals and realize another million sets of matches are added. I had two different SR sets I wanted to combine and just couldn’t!

  • Chris

    I’ve read to take a weak team into KOTR, and when it starts then go and change them. Well you only get 10 and if the good 5 get tired you have scrubs. Do you change them right away or after KOTR starts. Ty

    • Lucas White

      Hm, that’s not a strategy I’ve used and it honestly doesn’t sound like a good one. It’s an interesting attempt to game the system but seems way too easy to backfire.

      Building up a solid B-team is a much better option, even if it’s more work. Alternatively, you can just check in every now and then, and build your energy back up with exhibition matches.

      Playing on the level your deck is set for is a much more productive way to learn the game and get ahead in the process.