I keep playing Minecraft instead of working

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Now that I’m a highly paid writer for a high quality gaming site, I have certain expectations placed upon me. No longer can I simply run free amongst the mists of my magical glade, allowing the spray of water from the nearby river to coat my voluptuous body with a fine sheen. No longer can I sing along with the birds that make their homes amidst the foliage of my grove. No, now I must produce a certain amount of content for this site.

So why the blue hell can’t I stop playing Minecraft?

Minecraft is fun, certainly. In its digital, blocky world, I can explore a never-ending world of unknown treasures. I can build any number of wonders, from a floating castle to as many mystical glades as I so choose. I can run around and slaughter pigs and chickens, because slaughtering local wildlife is how you play every game.

None of that explains why I keep playing Minecraft instead of doing the work I need to do in order to pay for lamas bread ingredients. Thankfully, since my job is “write editorials about video games”, I can be clever. All I have to do is write a quick article about how I keep playing Minecraft instead of doing any of my work, and I’m golden.
Time to collect my paycheck, suckers!
Pictured: The exact same thing as work

Pictured: The exact same thing as work

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  • codey

    let me play

  • Hiccup

    please stop (said p4r readers)