PornHub releases user statistics and they are magical

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Being an elven princess, I have a strong appreciation for magic. One could say that its the entire make up of my being. They’d be wrong, though. Magic is only one of the two things that make up my entire being. The other thing is porn.

porn hub console trafficThis is why the PornHub user statistics are of interest to me. Much of it is what you’d expect. The largest percentage of users use Windows OSs, the largest percentage of Windows users are using Windows 7, nothing too surprising. Some of the statistics, however, are genuinely interesting. For example, of the site’s console users, 1.4% are using the Nintendo 3DS.

There’s a joke in there about hoping the porn comes out in 3D, but I’m too good of a person to make it.

Another interesting statistic is that 4.5% of their users are viewing the site on a PS Vita, which means 6% of the people who go to the site use handheld devices to do so. I can’t imagine using a handheld device to watch porn, which means either they have no other device for web browsing, or they’re watching porn some place where a handheld game console is the best viewing device. I find both of those possibilities incredibly sad, for different yet obvious reasons.

There’s also the fact that the PS Vita users view the most pages (at 9.92 pages per visit), but spend the least amount of time (at 7 minutes, 55 seconds). I don’t even know how to interpret that.

You should definitely check the information out for yourself, because magic.

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  • JoJo the Bear

    Or, sadly, it could be that many of their “users”.could be young children.

    A while back, my 8yr old son was exposed to porn over his DS, and started abusing his younger brother.

    It’s a lot of things…. but FUNNY isn’t one of them.

  • Cards

    It is funny. If you allow your children to surf the web unsupervised or without restrictions, then they will find porn. Not anybody else’s fault. So it’s funny.

  • JoJo the Bear

    That’s some of the stupidest logic I think I’ve ever heard, and shows your ignorance in both technology and parenting, and a deep lack of any kind of virtue.

    If porn purveyors had any dignity/responsibility at all, they would introduce code that recognize such devices and censored them from their sites. Next, are you going to tell me that porn sites should be able to do whatever they want “within the law” to push their product despite KNOWING that a significant portion of their consumers are likely children?

    That simply lacks wisdom… Just because you “can” doesn’t mean you should.

    And you think it’s “funny”… You’re not worth the energy that I’m using to push the keys on my keyboard to type this.

    I hope you’re children (should you have them) are spared from the pain that we have endured because of this. BTW… a DS comes out of the box with the internet browser enabled. I didn’t know it had the capability until it was too late. I certainly didn’t think a “game device” had the ability to find and display porn.

    BTW, Do you think I am an isolated case? Like I’m stupid and an irresponsible parent so I somehow “deserve” what I got? That’s quite judgmental of you… If you think you can somehow control your children and isolate their internet usage to “only when you are present”, that’s laughable!! Good luck… It’s simply not reasonable.

  • Aaron

    Dude,chill. Nobody is the bad guy here, but if you were so traumatized(dont worry i would be to) that your child has been exposed to it, then dont purchase him the device.

  • Kat

    Seriously JoJo? You’ve got to be trolling. You buy your 8 year old a system and have no idea what it entails, fail to set a parent password on the internet portion, and don’t control when your child uses said device, then you say the child was “exposed” to porn (because he had to actively seek it out, I assure you), the porn is responsible for your son abusing your other son, the porn sites should be responsible for monitoring what your child does (and I assure you, there are perfectly legal neckbeards accessing porn on handheld devices every day), and you claim it’s impossible to raise a child and have them only be on the internet when you’re supervising them?

    There is no personal responsibility at all going on here! You’re not at fault, your son wasn’t at fault- it’s all a porn site’s fault?? OMG. I don’t even watch porn and that’s ridiculous logic to me. I have 3 children. I don’t give them handheld devices that I don’t understand, and I supervise their screen time. And although they have not been exposed to porn, I can say with complete certainty that if they ever came across it, they would not be driven into an incestual sexual abuse frenzy by it.

    No. I refuse to believe you’re a real person. No one is that pathetically incompetent. Well played, troll.