I Keep Starting New Games In Skyrim

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Skyrim is such an amazing, open ended game that you have a huge variety of ways to play it. I’ve already mentioned how various mods allow for greater role-playing potential, and when you add that to what’s already there, there’s a never ending cornucopia of adventure to be had.

The downside of this is that I’ve only beaten Skyrim once, even though I’ve started over a dozen new games.

It’s not that my games stop being fun. It’s just that I get excited about a new idea, and then I want to try it. But, after I’ve spent so much XP and so many perk points towards a particular play style, it’s hard to change up and do a different play style. So I need to start a new game. Or maybe I want to play as a different race. You may recall that less than a week ago, I was playing as a pirate queen. Since then, I’ve played as a barbarian princess, and right now, I’m playing as an Argonian bard who has a small army of followers.

skyrim ScreenShot36

I have no idea what I’ll be playing tomorrow, but I know this much. The Jarl of Whiterun will be very happy with them before I delete them and create yet another new game.

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  • Nick

    Oh I do this same thing. A lot of times I just become completely disinterested with my new character and ready to try yet another one. And so on.

  • Nick

    Actually now I’m thinking about this, I kinda wanna go and restart Skyrim — maybe even fallout 3. Hmm..

  • URStupid

    SKYRIM is BY FAR the worst in the Elder Scrolls series, it’s a very shallow Elder Scrolls and was clearly made for you casual gamers.

    • Nick

      I’m glad there’s such a breadth, though, so US casuals can be entertained as well as you elites.

  • DovaQueen

    Ha ha, me too! I’ve tried trading in perk points for another playstyle, but then I don’t get to play the main and side quests, because they are already finished! I’m on my 4the character, leveled up to. 56… Somehow I missed one of the add ones…

    But I far prefer this to coming home and watching the new! (And, FWIW, The online game is just not my cup of tea, too much work!)

  • Elf Princess

    Which ES game is the best? I really enjoy Skyrim, as you might be able to tell, and have been interested in looking into the other Elder Scroll games. My favorite thing about Skyrim is the variety of ways in which it can be played.

    Which game do you suggest? Why is that one the best? I’m genuinely curious! I’ll go buy the one you suggest and play the crap out of it, too! Unless it’s TESO, because I don’t really enjoy MMO style gameplay.

    • Jools

      I liked Dawnguard and Dragonborn too. Somehow I quested my way out of Dawnguard with the current character. I think I cured vampirism or something and closed off the opportunity to pick up the quest.

      If you haven’t done the DLC, I recommend it too. There are 3: Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn.

      I haven’t done Heartsong (just sounded dumb to me.) But Ioved Dawnguard and Dragonborm. Each is very different, integrates well with the game and is almost like an entire mini game of its own.

      I have played the previous ES Games, but the graphics are much more primitive by comparison. They are good, don’t get me ring. The are complex and interesting RPGs. But they are like animations/cartoons, not like realistic animation of Skyrim. (LOL!)

      I am about ready to start a new character. I tend toward archery in all my characters, have done a significant Mage character, and might try an Imperial this time around…

      BTW, can anyone here comment about the quests that are only available at higher levels? For example I’ve herd that there is an interesting Mage quest if you reach Level 90+ I don;t know if it is the overall level or if you must have al Mage perks maxed out.

      How high does your level have to be and what perk needs to be so high? And are there any other similar quests? Thanks!

  • Teddy

    Purchase the DLC. Skyrim is actually one of the best games for changing up your style mid gameplay. At the end of the Dragonborn DLC you can swap out perk points for other skills you have leveled up to change your playstyle. And as of the latest patch you can level skills to legendary which would allow you to gain more resources such as magicka if you didn’t take enough while you were leveling. Also, crafting skills can make up for ANY deficiency. The only thing you can’t do is change your race/gender and do quests over again on a single playthrough. But yes, replays are amazing with TES.

  • Leo

    I freakin do the same thing. everytime. thank goodness I thought I am insane.

    • DovaQueen


      Skyrim is like my dirty little secret… I am a middle aged woman with a very public and responsible job. I go home at night and shoot arrows into draugr, cast spells and make potions, all while drinking pint of skooma…


      • Nick

        that’s awesome. honestly as I pass people in the world — typing away, building houses, pouring cement, delivering the mail — I like to think that many of them share the same secret. :)