Starting with Hyrule Warriors, Wii U hits the ground running through 2015

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nintendo hyrule warriors
The hotly-anticipated (at least in my own headcanon) Hyrule Warriors jumps into the gaming fray at the end of September. Once Hyrule Warriors drops, the Nintendo floodgates will open and retailers will drown in a sea of Wii U titles.

Nintendo of America recently tweeted a fun list of Wii U software set to launch between now and some undetermined point in 2015, book-ended with games featuring that goofy elf kid with the sword or whatever. Zelda, or something. A few of the earlier games in the fall are multiplatform titles such as Just Dance or Disney Infinity, but once October gets going the list of exclusive titles available for everyone’s favorite struggling console will be expanding in dramatic fashion. The Wii U is clearly not going down without a fight, and it’s looking like a spectacle of a battle, with familiar superstars Mario, Kirby and Link taking charge. Not only that, but Star Fox is also making a return and a slew of original IPs are debuting on the console, many of which made impressive showings at E3.

None of these games are new announcements, but seeing the list all together is a good, tangible example of Nintendo’s continued support of the Wii U despite the rough start. Even if some of these titles see delays (coughing, Zelda, nudge, wink, etc.) that’s still a heck of a list. Check it out below:

nintendo wii u list 2015

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