Rumor: Games for Windows Live may get an arcade service

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Gamertell Games for Windows LogoGames for Windows Live might have a Christmas present for gamers this year. Speculations are doing the rounds on the internet that Windows Live might get its own arcade game download service ala Xbox Live Arcade. The theoretical service would allow Windows Live users to download fun arcade games just like their XBLA counterparts.

Microsoft had launched the Games for Windows Live service to provide a more wholesome online experience to PC gamers, which closely mimics the online experience on consoles. So, it is only but natural to expect an arcade games service to further the online experience of the PC gamers.

1UP is reporting that Microsoft has reposed in it the fact that an arcade service will hit Windows Live this holiday season (Chrismas 2007). Also, around that time, Microsoft will release a dev update for Games for Windows Live to pave the way for the arcade service. There is no idea about the list of games that would be available for download.

We will have to wait till Microsoft officially confirms the arcade service for Games for Windows Live.

Read [1UP] Via [CVG]

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